Finding a wedding venue can be an overwhelming task. After deciding on the destination the wedding venue it is one of the biggest pieces to the wedding puzzle.


1. Budget. Budget. Budget.

One of the most important aspects to remember when deciding on a venue for your wedding is your budget. Sit down as a couple and decide what amount of the wedding budget you would like to spend on the venue and then only schedule tours of venues that fit your budget. This will also help to eliminate any temptation to go over budget on the wedding venue.

El Mas Groc
Wedding Venue > El Mas Groc

INSIDE TIP: When planning a destination wedding most countries have their own unique types of smaller wedding venues. In Spain for example locals often marry in small rural farms called a Masia or a Finca. They often offer home grown food and sometimes include accomodation.

Check out the video below from a typical Spanish wedding in Finca El Olivar.   



2. Do your homework.

Pour a strong cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) and hit the search engines. There are a million options for destination wedding venues but only considering wedding venues that fit into your budget and can accomodate your guest count can help narrow the searches. After comparing the wedding venues you have found decide on your top three choices and move on to the next step.

INSIDE TIP: Create a wedding venue comparison chart to help you organize all of the venues you research. When you stumble across a venue you like jot down the name on the chart and then continue the research later. This can help you to decide on your top three venues at the end.  

Wedding Venue > El Mas Groc


3. L.A.R.: Layout, Availability, Restrictions.

Now that you have narrowed down your choices it is time to run the LAR test on all three of the venues.

  • Layout: make sure that the layout of the venue fits with your desired wedding theme. For example, a boho, open-air, woodland wedding would be better suited for an open layout design with minimal modern appliances while a chic wedding works well with high vaulted ceilings and glass chandeliers. Try and imagine your wedding decor in each wedding venue.
  • Availability: self-explanatory. Make sure each venue is available during your preferred time- also check to see if any of the options are cheaper or have special deals available.
  • Restrictions: research into any and all restrictions each venue has (pets, dancing, late night hours) and decide which venue’s policy aligns most with your wedding goals. This is also a good time to ask each venue about weather cancellation policies and any other special guest accomodations you might need.