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Farah has been the perfect wedding planner. She is friendly, amazingly helpful and goes above and beyond liaising with suppliers to create the dream wedding. Her communication is fantastic and we always felt very supported. We would highly recommend her!
RachelMichael Wedding 498 Websize, Spain4Weddings
Katie & Jordan
Thank you so much, Farah ❤️ Monday truly was a dream and beyond anything we could have imagined. It was such a pleasure getting to work with you and thank you again for all of your help. You truly made this whole process so easy for the both of us
41 Eryn Shelby, Spain4Weddings
Eryn & Shelby
Hi!! We got home on Friday and have had some time to settle in- we wanted to tell you all thank you SO much for everything you did for us for our wedding. Our guests kept saying how great and professional you all were as a team and how lucky we were to have booked you.
Lechae James BCN 037 Websize, Spain4Weddings
Jimmy & Lechae
Thank you so much for your help throughout this process! Also, extend our thanks to Farah! We had an amazing time at our wedding and so did all the guests! You all made the process extremely easy and we couldn't have done it without you and Farah. Many thanks!!
1 56, Spain4Weddings
Kathleen & Chris
Myself and Laura would like to say Thank you so much for everything you did to make our day so special. Everything ran so smoothly it was above and beyond our expectations. Even down to the little changes on the day there was no hesitation to allow us to do that. The ceremony was amazing and so elegantly executed by Maureen. The food and drinks were outstanding. Every single guest complemented the food as outstanding. Then we moved on to the first class Fabio oh my he blew our minds on how good he was he had everyone up on the dance floor. Our wedding day was something that we will never forget and made even better by two amazing wedding planners who never once questioned or challenged a decision that we made. We felt that it was all about the Bride and Groom and we loved that so much . Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. All our love
LauraBen 420, Spain4Weddings
Laura & Ben
Hi Abril and Jose! It was amazing! We had such a wonderful time and appreciate all of your excellent planning. You made the event even more special and memorable.
CJ 0166 BW, Spain4Weddings
Cristy & Jon
Hi José and Abril: We can’t believe that the wedding is over! We are now relaxing in Santorini for a few days. 🙂 We just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for everything you both did to help make our wedding week the most spectacular event we could have ever imagined. Everything was absolutely perfect and beautiful. Our friends and family cannot stop talking about how wonderful everything was. You were both a complete joy and pleasure to work with, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the extra attention that you gave my mom during the day. Again, thank you so so so much! If we ever know anyone getting married in Spain, we know who to send them to!!!
MM, Spain4Weddings
Matt and Mich
Jose and his crew created for us a wedding better than we had imagined it ourselves. After carefully listening to what we said we wanted, he found for us the perfect venue that we would have never found ourselves (and that was after researching dozens of places), and he took all the stress out of finding good vendors for various services. My wife still talks about how beautiful the flowers were. Jose was also always available to talk, and quick to respond to messages and emails, which goes a long way to making us feel like he was engaged and interested in our wedding.
163 1, Spain4Weddings
Jon & Negar
Thank you so much for being here with us yesterday! We could not be happier with how the day went. You made our wedding so special. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for making our wedding so personal and memorable. Best wishes for your future.
2, Spain4Weddings
Talyn & Joe
Thank you for being part of our celebrations and making our wedding so memorable. The caterers were professional, friendly, and created a fantastic menu. It's a night we'll remember forever, and will always be grateful to Jose and his team at Spain4Weddings for making it happen. Best wishes.
3, Spain4Weddings
Liam & Tina
José is a great professional who is very attentive, energetic, and a great listener, with clearly a lot of experience with helping international couples to plan and arrange their weddings in Spain. We are very happy that we worked with him and Spain4weddings. At that time I was living in South Africa, while my wife was living in Russia. We had decided to get married in Spain, where we had met. We very quickly realised that we would not be able to do this on our own remotely, especially considering certain religious dietary and customary requirements. Jose’s vast experience in weddings and venues in Spain helped us immensely in eventually finding a venue that was both on the beach, because we wanted a beach wedding. A venue that was also willing to be flexible enough to abide by these certain religious requirements. Great energy, great attention to detail, friendly atmosphere and a peace of mind that you are in good hands.
4, Spain4Weddings
Shai & Evgenia
I can't thank you enough for making our son and new daughter in law´s day special.
Review2, Spain4Weddings
Renee and Jim
We felt overwhelmed and nervous about getting married at a venue that we would not visit until only a few days before the wedding itself. What would happen if when we arrived we didn’t like it, or something wasn’t done correctly etc.? In this case, the venue was one that Jose had never dealt with before, so he went in person to inspect it, and sent us many videos and photos, putting our minds at ease. He gave us his own personal opinion that the venue is great and that we have nothing to worry about. This put us at ease. I believe if the venue didn’t meet the vision we had for our wedding, Jose would have told us so. We had an amazing time and so did all the guests.
01012015 DSC00706, Spain4Weddings
Ross & Charlie
Just got back home after an amazing week in Spain. We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful wedding. We both loved it and got so many lovely comments from our family and friends. It was wonderful.. Thank you for a fantastic wedding. Everyone enjoyed it.
Review3, Spain4Weddings
Lucy & Peter
That it is a friendly and very professional team that should organise their events! Jose is very passionate in what he does. We always felt he had our best interests at heart, even if that meant sometimes being critical of some ideas we may have had, that sounded great in our heads, but which would not have translated so well practically. Jose always agreed to carry out any specific instructions we had. But we appreciated it when he told us if he thought something wasn’t a particularly good idea, based on his experience from other weddings that he's organised. Thank you very much for doing a super job on the day! It was great.
Review4, Spain4Weddings
James & Laura
The day was like a dream. Thank you so much for everything.
Savanna Travis 9, Spain4Weddings
Victoria & Cullen
Our wedding was a dream come true. Thank you for giving us the wedding we had always dreamed of. Your planning services were exactly what we needed!
Mon Amour Wedding Photography Monica Vidal 31, Spain4Weddings
Liam and Lucy
Me and my girlfriend were planning a trip to Gran Canaria and suddenly something ran on my mind that this would be the perfect place for engagement. I wanted to do this in a special way but didn’t know how to start because I’m only a tourist and don’t know the right people to help me. Then, I decided that I will find someone who is professional and ask them for help. I ran on a page Spain4weddings.com and immediately contacted them. To shorten the story: Our engagement day was beautiful and perfect in each and every way. They helped me fulfil my girlfriend’s dream about perfect engagement. Me and my girlfriend will always remember that day, not only because everything was perfect but because we also found new friends through the best company Spain 4 Weddings. They will make your day like a fairytale
2019 09 08 GasperAnya 0135, Spain4Weddings
Gasper & Anja
There are so many breathtaking photos! Thank you and Jordi so much for such a beautiful day. All the best to you this Christmas and New Years!
Savanna Travis 6, Spain4Weddings
Savanna & Travis
You did an excellent job. We received so many compliments on our wedding, our guests loved it. You are very good at what you do! Thank you!
Wedding 0644, Spain4Weddings
Georgiana & Nathan
On est très touché par ton message et on a été plus que ravi de t’avoir parmi nous. Tu as fait de ce jour un jour merveilleux où tout s’est passé à merveille !!! J’ai donné ton contact à plusieurs de mes amies qui souhaitent se marier en Espagne et j’espère qu’elles feront très vite appelle à toi !! Encore mille fois merci et j’espère à bientôt !!
Fotoandfilm 20220728 Anaelle Kevin 0758, Spain4Weddings
Anaelle & Kévin
We loved the whole day/night. All the feedback has been amazing. Everyone had a great time. Thank you so much.
Sara Curtis 445, Spain4Weddings
Curtis & Sara
I give you consent to use our images. Anything to help you promote your amazing work!!!
JM 0257, Spain4Weddings
Mark & Jeannie (elopement)
Spain4weddings arranged my proposal in Gran Canaria and everything was like i imagined! There was daily contact about everything that was going on and everything I wished for could be arranged. We had a musician, a photographer and there was a camera to get it all on video, and it was all so beautiful. They organised a picnic on the beach with beautiful decorations, fruits, pastries and champagne. We couldn't wish for anything more and I recommend everyone who wants to do a proposal in Spain to let them arrange it!
Review5, Spain4Weddings
Stefan (wedding proposal)
Thank you very much for the album we received yesterday. Very pleased with Jordi's work if you could send him our compliments album is amazing and pictures picked lovely!!!! Thanks you all again!!!
I 6cpctRn XL, Spain4Weddings
Jon & Jelena
As we don't live in Spain, it made it that much harder to really manage most of the activities from here, and Jose really took the stress out of that. On the big day, everything went quite smoothly, and we and all our guests were really impressed and had a fantastic time.
Justine Kev, Spain4Weddings
Justine & Kev
The wedding was absolutely beautiful. All the guests had a wonderful time at the wedding.
01012015 DSC00859, Spain4Weddings
Kiya & Tom
First of all we both want to say thank you to you for fixing everything for our wedding. The venue was so so so much above our expectations, which made the day extra special. You went above and beyond to meet our requirements and we really really appreciate that. We will definitely be recommending Spain 4 Weddings to our friends as there are many of them getting married in the upcoming years. We wanted to thank you in particular for coordinating the day with such a calm and warm manner, which really put both of us at ease.
Darragh Josefin 2, Spain4Weddings
Darragh & Josefin
Spain4Weddings was great to work with. This team made our lives much less stressful, I can't imagine having planned our wedding without them. They are professional, caring, energetic, organized, easy to communicate with and very creative. Thank you for making our day so wonderful.
YASMINCARLOS 0616, Spain4Weddings
Jasmin & Carlos
Thank you so much for making the wedding of our dreams. Colin and I are currently on the Costa Brava for a few days in awe of what you made happen. Every detail was perfect and you and Jose made the day so easy for us. Hopefully we can stay in touch!
Thanks again!!
Review, Spain4Weddings
Julia & Colin
Thank you for making everything go so smoothly and helping us plan our big day. We just got back home after traveling through Europe for 2 weeks and are excited to see the pictures and videos once available. Everyone enjoyed both days and were really impressed with you, Farah and all the supporting services provided by each and every vendor.
20230327 162745, Spain4Weddings
Swatika & Vibhor
Hi Farah! David and I just wanted to thank you for absolutely everything you did to make our weekend so special! You are truly amazing and I’m so happy that you were a part of our wedding celebrations. Going through my bag I realized I neglected to include the thank you card I wrote you, 🤦🏻‍♀️ in it I explained your gift. We got you the Miami coffee mug so you could always remember us! And also a special Miami coffee that’s very popular where we live - we love it! We hope you enjoy. Thank you so much for everything! If you’re ever in Miami/South Florida don’t hesitate to contact us for anything you might need!! Stéphanie & David
Stephanie David 4, Spain4Weddings
Stéphanie & David
Hi Jose We have just got back to Manchester and we both wanted to drop you an email to say the biggest thank you. You and your team were amazing on Saturday and we’re so grateful for everyone who made the process so amazing. If I can leave a review anywhere please let me know. Jack & Jessica
IMG20230520122844, Spain4Weddings
Jack & Jessica
Jose and Abril, just wanted to thank you both for an AMAZING weekend!! We truly had the best day of our lives and it was because of you. Abril, you are absolutely wonderful. So attentive, helpful, easy to talk to — we loved meeting you and spending time with you! Jose, you have a fabulous person on your team.
RachelMichael Preview 58 Websize, Spain4Weddings
Rachel & Michael
Thank you again for all your help leading up to the wedding and on the actual day itself. It was truly spectacular and we couldn’t have done it without you and your team. April was so lovely to work with as well. We felt like we were in good hands the whole day.
Hannah Christian 230623 16 , Spain4Weddings
Christian & Hannah
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