Couples can create a shared spiritual life.

When both of you first met, the heat and attractive connection between you both was magical and intense. Life felt beautiful, invigorating, and bright. You felt like just you two existed on earth. As time went on, you both felt burdened and tired by each other. To keep that fire burning throughout your relationship, you should build your relationship should on a solid rock!

How can couples create a shared spiritual life. Photo Caribú Fotografia.
Photo Caribú Fotografia.

It is everyone’s dream to have a meaningful relationship, whether it is with family, friends, colleagues, or an intimate relationship. One of the most fulfilling experiences you can have is to find that one person who is both your soul mate and best friend. It feels good to bond with that special someone who can bridge the gap of everything in between.

Building a perfect relationship isn’t always an easy adventure. However, a relationship rooted in a spiritual connection has a higher chance to withstand the test of time. You will feel more connected to your partner when the relationship is forged on common spiritual beliefs and practices.


What is a Spiritual Connection?

A spiritual connection is a boundless attraction felt between two people. This deep affinity goes beyond the bounds of superficial shared interests, likes, dislikes, or personality traits.  A spiritual connection between couples is all about having common fundamental beliefs, values, dreams, and life goals. Two people sharing the same fundamental values will meet each other on the same vibrational wavelength. Also, they’ll be capable of sharing everything in common.

Spiritual connection in a relationship is about reaching a raw soul and intimate level. It is not about playing the role of boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife.

Cultivating a spiritual connection is about deepening the soul-contact between you and your partner. Spiritual connectivity is all about becoming engaged, open, vulnerable, attentive, and receptive to each other.


5 Ways Couples can create a shared spiritual life:


1. Self-reflection

Start by identifying yourself. In your relationship, you should build a spiritual connection. To do that, you must first identify who you are and know what you want.


2. Have meaningful conversations

Having meaningful conversations with your partner is another strong pillar in building a spiritual connection. Do not shy from having a meaningful conversation with your lover. What are your worries? What is in your heart? What are your experiences? Start a conversation with the one you love. Share with your lover whatever you have in mind. However, do not make the conversation self-centered. Find out what’s important to your lover and try to understand why.


3. Give more eye contact

Eye contact is an excellent way to connect with someone’s soul. When you give your lover eye contact, you show them how interested you are in whatever they are doing. Eye contact is extremely intimate. Make sure you do that often.


4. Regular Intimacy

When you engage in an intimate experience with your lover, the energy flowing through the layers of your body becomes ignited and merges as one. This has the potential to awaken and unfold highly spiritual experiences.


5. Forgive past hurts

Try as much as possible to make space for yourself to let go. Open your heart to forgiveness and forget the hurtful experiences of the past.


With these tips, you are guaranteed a shared spiritual life and a stronger relationship. Having a stronger and more intimate relationship is every couple’s dream.






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