Read this must-have wedding timeline checklist to nail your wedding planning process.

Your Ultimate Wedding-Planning Timeline in Barcelona

Planning a wedding is not something you can do in one day, thus it is a months-long process that requires organization and patience.

To help you plan your Barcelona destination wedding like a pro and without unnecessary stress, below you can find several wedding timeline checklists divided into four sections with different months before your wedding date to give you an idea of the most important tasks you should be paying attention to during those periods.


12-9 Months Out

Right at the beginning of your planning, you should be looking for the most important things for your Barcelona wedding like your wedding planner, venue, decor inspiration, and anything major that sets the foundation for your next steps.

For a luxury wedding in Barcelona, it is very important to book things in advance, especially if you’re having a destination wedding and all your friends and family are coming from another country. The sooner you can cross the key things off your list, the better will your wedding timeline be.

Here’s a brief recap of the top things on your wedding timeline you should be looking for:

  • Wedding planner
  • Venue (with a wedding date decided)
  • Vendors (most important ones to the least important ones)
  • Approximate guest list
  • The general theme for your wedding


8-6 Month Out

Six to eight months out from your wedding day you should be shopping for your wedding attire and start booking your guests flights and accommodations (or at least advise them to do so if you’ve determined that each guest pays for theirs). With this, you should also send your save-the-dates invitations and start creating your wedding website for an easy RSVP process (plus the traditional phone number and email just to give guests more than one means of communication).

Here’s your midterm wedding timeline checklist:

  • Shop for wedding attire
  • Book hotels and flights
  • Send save-the-dates invitations & build a wedding website
  • Hair and makeup team booking
  • Confirm vendors availability and final fees


5-3 Months Out

Entering the final parts of your wedding timeline for your destination wedding, we have the last-minute confirmations and check-ins. During this period you should send your bachelor and bachelorette party invitations, finalize your ceremony program and talk with your wedding DJ/band to define your playlist for the big day.

Most importantly, you should send the final and official wedding invitations and shop for thank-you gifts for friends and family.

Ultimate wedding-planning timeline in Barcelona checklist:

  • Send official invitations (wedding, bachelor, and bachelorette parties)
  • Create wedding playlist
  • Shop for thank-you gifts
  • Schedule hair and makeup trial session
  • Plan your menu & try it


Last Month & Final Weeks Out

Two months before your wedding and the weeks following can be the most stressful ones for couples, but don’t let your thoughts ruin your moment, this is the best time to soak in all of your happiness and excitement for the new phase in your life that is to come.

During these last few weeks before your big day, you should do a roundup of all your confirmations (vendors, guest list count, photographer, fees, etc) and send the final lists to your venue so that they can take charge and control everything.

Last weeks wedding planning checklist:

  • Final confirmations & RSVPs
  • Send final lists to your venue
  • Confirm timings with your vendors one more time.
  • Organize tips envelopes (highly recommended)


Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline in Barcelona

Your destination wedding in Barcelona can be planned with the same time in your hands as a traditional wedding, and the checklists provided above are a great reference point for what to expect and what to pay attention to the most.

Don’t stress over details too much, your luxury wedding will be perfect. Remember that your wedding planner, venue, and vendors have all done several weddings before, so they know what they’re doing!

  1. Make your guest list
    After having defined your budget, you must take into account how much you are willing to spend per guest. So first of all define a fixed number to respect and then start writing names depending on how important it is for you to invite them.

    Remember that always respecting your maximum number of guests is of crucial importance so as not to exceed your budget, as time progresses you will realize that it will be even easier to reduce the number of guests, as there will be many people who will not be present throughout the process and that you can remove from the list.

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