The feeling that comes with weddings and preparing for the big day is unmatched by anything else. There is the desire to have a stunning wedding, take photos that break the internet, and make guests feel your wedding jumped out of a luxury fairy tale. You have checked every detail and now it’s time to create a reception checklist.


Your Ultimate Luxurious Wedding Reception Checklist 

This guide includes a checklist of what you need to know, what you need to do, and how you should go about it to achieve a luxury reception.



The ultimate reception venue should have some character of its own, a luxury look that attracts and keeps visitors spellbound. Choose between a 5-star hotel renowned for hosting magnificent receptions or work with your wedding planner to pick another venue that spells out the word: luxury.



Liaise with your wedding planner to decorate the venue using a unique style. From the chairs to the tables to the way the plates and glasses and cutlery are organized. Ensure the decor speaks volumes. Be it antique, floral, modern, or any sort of decor you choose should pop.


3.Food & Drinks

Hire the best chef around to cater to the meals and drinks. Choose only the finest wines, champagne, and other sorts of liquids. Make room for vegetarian, gluten-free, keto, and other diets that respect your guests’ preferences. Give the cater the final headcount to ensure perfection.


4.Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake ought to have the look and feel of a high-end lifestyle. We at Spain4Weddings work with some of the finest vendors in all of Spain known for adding style and class into the mix. Watch us bring your wishes to life beautifully.



Aside from the food and drinks, entertainment is the life of the party. Nobody enjoys a boring set of songs from lousy speakers. Work with your wedding planner to avoid the common wedding-planning mistake of sidelining entertainment. Hire a Dj and an Mc who have a reputation for bringing the right vibe to a luxury wedding.



There is no such thing as extravagance when it comes to flowers. Go through a collection of bouquets to decide that which stands out. A well-organized and fancy-looking bouquet in your hands and in that of your bridesmaids will tell tales on your behalf.



Hire a photographer/videographer with an impressive portfolio. Choose one who excels at photoshop and creative photography. The goal is to have photos that can make it straight to the cover of Vogue magazine.



Colors have a way of making an event outstanding. Use colors that complement the theme of your wedding. Gold, burgundy, the eggplant color are examples of colors famed for producing the desired chic look to a wedding reception.


It’s a luxury wedding reception and nothing should stop you from going all out with your demands. There is no such thing as being too extra when it comes to your ultimate wedding reception.


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