Many wedding blogs and magazines will take a stance when such a topic is concerned as to whether it is really important to have a second wedding shooter. Whether you are a groom, bride, or a professional photographer yourself, it is absolutely important for you to consider hiring another photographer as a second shooter. 

Photo by Jordi Tudela                                                          

You need to consider hiring a second wedding shooter for the following reasons:


1. You can’t be in two places at once

As special as every wedding is, photos of the event will always be a reference to rekindle the great memories of the wedding. This makes capturing every little moment very important which can be hindered by being a solo photographer. You obviously want to capture the bride walking down the aisle and the first expression of the groom to seeing her, the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready as well as the groom as his groom men.

With everything happening simultaneously, it is important to have a second shooter whose job is to shoot just as the main photographer. As one person captures the bride, the other captures the groom alongside. At the end, no moment will be left uncaptured.


2. Having a second shooter is a great backup plan.

Some photographers seldomly think of what may happen during the occasion that will warrant a backup shooter.

What if at one point when you should be capturing great moments at the wedding, you suddenly feel the urge to use the toilet urgently? What if something suddenly happens to your camera in the middle of the event? What happens to the moments gone uncaptured on photo?

One moment passed can never be regained. It is therefore very important to have a second shooter.


3. Dual perspective

The aim of every photographer is to deliver the best to his/her clients. Having a second shooter is absolutely a great idea to achieving this as you both shoot from different angles which adds depths to the overall body of pictures you provide to your clients.


4. Balance to your weaknesses

Hiring a second shooter whose strength are your weaknesses is a beautiful way to create a balance as to what you serve to your clients so that you don’t only produce what you are good at.

If you are good with portrait pictures and poor with landscape pictures, you can hire a second shooter who is good at landscape pictures. At the end, you will be serving a variety of pictures that will be more satisfactory to your clients.


5. The satisfaction of teaching/mentoring

In the course of working with a second shooter, you can transfer new knowledge or even learn a new technique from him/her. This uplift both parties and elevates your entire industry.


6. Two cameras are better than one

Same as the literal saying ‘two heads are better than one’ so are two cameras better than one. The main photographer and the second shooter are a team that are there to help each other see that the event runs down smoothly.

For example, while one person is photographing the reception details, the other is shooting portrait. Working coercively makes it is easier to capture the sweetest moments of the day.


7. You will capture a greater volume of pictures.

Having a second shooter will enable you have a greater volume of pictures where one person’s principal focus is to be photographing the bride while the other does same for the groom. At the end of the day, you will have double the photos which overlap.

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