If you are used to it, Spanish music is so romantic. The genre is sweet and soft.

Spain is a great country that offers several delightful attractions to visitors from all over the world.

Consequently, if you love real Spanish food, music, and touristic spots, Spain is ideal for your honeymoon.

Why choose Spain for your honeymoon. Photo by Las Bodas de Pantamaría
Photo by Las Bodas de Pantamaría.


This country is amongst the top destinations for a unique and memorable European honeymoon.

There are so many places that couples can visit for their very first romantic trip.

So, be wise and consider your budget and personal preferences when making your choice.


While in Barcelona…

the Magic Fountain of Montjuic is the most romantic place to explore.

Here, you can find a huge fountain that was built since 1929. This fountain features a fantastic display of classical music, water acrobatics, and colorful lights. Just this spot alone is highly recommended to men still planning to propose to their future brides.  This can also be a destination wedding in Spain that will never escape the minds of foreigners.


When in Jaen…

a city located in the south-central part of Spain specifically in Andalusia, you’ll feel special.

The Cazorla National Park located in this area offers an awe-inspiring environment conducive to romance. You can walk around and trek to the lakes, mountains, and waterfalls. Far from the city buzz, this is a UNESCO biosphere reserve and it is actually a gem of Spain.

Some other parts worth exploring are the historical structures of Jaen. They include; the Jaen Cathedral, Saint Catalina’s Castle, Arab Baths, Saint Ildefonso’s Church, the San Andres Chapel and Arts Museum.


When in Granada…

Meanwhile, in the neighborhood of Andalusia, you might equally want to go to La Alhambra in Granada.

Because of its romantic and peaceful atmosphere, it is good for a passionate walk. Due to the Genarlife gardens and old Moorish Palace kept in place in 1492, La Alhambra is a well-known monument in Granada. This palace was built for the last Muslim Rulers of Spain. This area is also boosted with attractive structural designs and beautiful courtyards decorated with lovely flowers.


When in Cáceres…

Places like the Caceres are equally recommended for European honeymooners. This is an amazing area to experience the love you both feel for each other.

There are numerous old building, palaces, cobbled streets, and churches you two can visit.

Being a serene area, you can spend an intimate and relaxing honeymoon for as long as you want.

You’re free to do whatsoever you want without having to care about anything.


When in Lanzarote…

You can also visit Lanzarote and enjoy its amazing landscape and beaches. This area is worth the trip due to its relaxing atmosphere.

If you are a fan of modern and classical music, you could have a great time in the Canary Islands.

Here, there is usually a musical festival each year. This festival includes some of the best classical music by international and local artist.


Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe that could make your special moment memorable.

Not only can it a romantic place for your honeymoon, but it could also be your wedding location.

However, you could get a Spanish wedding Planner to facilitate this for you.





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