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Who Is Responsible for Cutting and Serving the Cake During the Reception 

There’s the question of what to wear, what food/drinks to serve, the perfect luxurious wedding and reception venue, and who should be invited.  Another important yet often overlooked part of wedding planning is who cuts and serves the cake.


That’s the Bride and Groom’s Job

According to tradition, cutting the cake is reserved exclusively for the bride and groom (yes, some people don’t know this). The couple cuts the cake in the presence of family and friends. They all come together and form a circle of sorts with the bride, groom, and the cake at the center.

Usually, the groom places his hand on that of the bride and they cut the first slice of the cake in unity. This is such an important tradition because it signifies how the couple will work in unity throughout their marriage. Be it in taking difficult decisions about themselves, their families, or other situations. Cutting the cake together signifies they are of one mind. Additionally, it symbolizes the bride’s promise to take care of the groom and their kids. It also signifies the groom’s support for his bride through thick and thin.

Then, the bride and groom feed each other slices of the cake to signify their commitment to take care of each other.


Let the Professionals Do Their Job

But all that good stuff ends with the first slice. After that, the catering company you hired for your luxurious wedding reception is in charge of cutting and serving the other pieces. That’s why you hired them in the first place. To serve the guests and ensure that everyone gets at least a sense of the cake.

Assuming you told the baker the exact number of people who will be present at the reception,

there will be no problem when sharing. They know the size and number of slices that can go round.


Things May Go South

If you are one of those brides who think that cutting a cake is part of your duty, it’s not. Chances are you will cut the cake disproportionately and some guests will have a piece while others won’t. It will be a shame to have guests travel from all around to attend your destination wedding reception and they don’t get a fair slice of cake. 

Additionally, you may have to cut the cake in another room because it is a not-so-pretty process. Serving it is also time-consuming and may cause you to get stressed and miss out on other memorable parts of your reception.

It’s your wedding day. By all means, enjoy every aspect of it and create beautiful memories with your family and friends that will outlive you all.


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