Choosing your wedding after-party location is an important aspect when planning for your wedding. It is vital because the after-party will be an opportunity for you to thank your family, friends, and guests for coming to support and witness your marriage. The choice of where to host this party, therefore, calls for proper reflection as it will represent the first time you and your spouse will receive guests as a couple.




1.Theme and Style

In recent times, there are so many options when it comes to hosting a wedding after-party so no need to freak out. The choice of your after-party location will greatly depend on the theme and style of your wedding. If your wedding theme rolls in the tone of glamour and chic, getting a hotel reception hall or even a ballroom with a high ceiling will be ideal. Coupled with a sumptuous décor, your guest will feel like they walked into a party at the Versailles castle. It can prove to be practical as both the wedding ceremony and after-party could be celebrated in the same hotel.

If you are more of an outdoor person, the perfect location for you will be a beautiful garden full of beautiful flowers. It can also be applicable if your wedding theme and style rhymes with bohemian. Be it at a natural resort, city garden, or somewhere in the outskirts of town, all you need is to set your tents to melt into the natural scene. Your guests will feel like walking into paradise when hit by the fresh smell from flowers and the sight of nature will generate a sense of harmony. If you are worried about nightfall, just relax, there is nothing fairy lights can’t fix.



For more adventurous people, un-traditional wedding party locations could have a certain appeal. As the years go by, modern trends keep increasing. Consequently, it’s no longer uncommon for places like ranches, monasteries, restaurants, and even national monuments to be used for a wedding after-party. Picking an unexpected location will sure make your party one to remember.



While most people tend to plan the party out, it is not uncommon for the couple’s home or the home of their relatives to be used as the location for the after-party. There is nothing a little decor can’t do to transform your everyday home to the wedding reception of the year. Not only is it cost-effective, but it is also more practical for the guests and more intimate for the families as it helps to tighten the bonds of the new families coming together by not being on a neutral ground.


Whatever option you go for, make sure it fits your style, and details are worked out for your guest to feel well taken care of. Regardless of if it will be an afternoon or evening party, all dispositions should be taken to accommodate your guests. It should also enable you to celebrate with them and make the best of your wedding day.

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