In our perfect imagination, a wedding is an occasion where adults can come together, drink, move around and discuss with each other without having to wrangle and wrestle with children. But, this isn’t always the case in real life.


What you need to know about childcare for a destination wedding in Spain. Photo by Cassú
Photo by Cassú

For your destination wedding abroad, if your visitor’s list includes your families and friends having children, you certainly should consider offering childcare at your wedding ceremony.

This should be included in your wedding plan. Although this option is not suitable for everyone, it facilitates things for out-of-town relatives and guests with kids.

Moreover, children have a specific set of needs. The more support you can offer to parents by offering them this service, the easier the trip will be for everyone.

There are things you should take into consideration when planning for a destination wedding.

Here, the detail of childcare for distant celebration.


1. Weigh the Options

If you are considering to offer childcare, it’s worth having a conversation with parents coming to your destination wedding with kids about what they’d like to do.

Whether their children will be taken care of at the wedding venue or their hotel room is what they’d surely want to have a say in.

Supposing you’re organizing it, you should make sure parents are comfortable with the childcare plan.


2. Provide Details

When it concerns childcare for a destination wedding, parents should know as much detail as possible.

Couples should provide guests with all the necessary information like maximum hours of childcare, direct phone number, the cost, and many children the caretakers can manage at once.

All this information can be communicated directly to parents or even posted on your wedding invitations.


3. Plan friendly wedding ceremony

For no reason should your post-nuptial brunch, wedding welcome party, and any other post-wedding event exclude children.

With careful planning, you can have kids play and enjoy around without disturbances.

So, have a good plan and do not exclude the kids of your guests when planning for your destination wedding.


4. Convenience is Key

It might be the best option to have all the children in one room all through the reception.

With this, parents will have little or no difficulties to check on their kids whenever. However, if the reception is in a far-flung area, there often might not be space designated for children.

Therefore, to make thing easier, plan for childcare wherever the family is staying.


5. Invite their caretaker

At times, some parents are just uncomfortable to have their children stay with people they do not know. It can be a break-it or make-it for them to decide whether they’ll attend a destination wedding or not.

To avoid the children being cared for by unknown persons, some parents might even decide to come along with their parents or nanny to care for their children during the event. If this is the case for a close friend, relative, or colleague, it will be a good gesture to give an invitation to their children’s caretaker.


Finding a qualified childcare wedding provider is a serious task, though it doesn’t have to be a hard one.

The best advice here is to plan ahead.

So, for a perfect destination wedding abroad, you can hire a destination wedding planner in Spain to organize your wedding.







What you need to know about childcare for your destination wedding in Spain

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