The essential guide to how the Mother of the Bride can help with planning the big day.

What makes the ultimate Mother-of-the-Bride Checklist

Every mother-of-the-bride needs to be armed with at least a mental checklist before their daughter’s big day. Which is why, rather than creating one for you, we have looked into the elements that every mother of the bride should think about before creating her Ultimate mother of the bride checklist.

This should be a comprehensive checklist that will ensure that everything runs smoothly on your special day, whether it’s your first time planning a wedding or you’re about to watch one of your children tie the knot for the umpteenth time. From finding the perfect venue to having the best vendors and most of all, ensuring it’s perfect for everyone involved.

Let this ultimate checklist take care of everything you didn’t even know you needed!


What makes the ultimate Mother-of-the-Bride Checklist?


It’s all about her

If there’s one thing you’d better make sure is perfect before the big day, it’s the bride herself. Making sure she’s confident, happy and ready for the next chapter of her life with her special partner should be top of the checklist for any mother-in-law. Before you both begin planning the big day, take some time to think about the bride.

Ask yourself, who is she? What does she like and dislike? What does she want from her wedding? These are the kinds of questions that can help you make the bride the central focus of the day.


Wedding guest list

After you’ve taken care of the bride, next on your list should be the guest list. How many people are coming to the wedding and who they are.

A wedding guest list can be extremely helpful, especially if your wedding is in a large venue or is hosted at a beach location. It will allow you to identify all the people who are attending the wedding, particularly if you are travelling abroad, which can help avoid any confusion.

On the Mother of the bride’s checklist, there should be a reminder of some of the extended family that need invites. You can use the guest list to work out seating arrangements, and as the mother of the bride you will have insider knowledge of who should sit where and with whom.



If there’s anything you’ve learned from reading this guide, it’s that having some sort of mother of the bride checklist is essential. You need to make sure the bride is ready and confident, before even thinking of the rest of the wedding. From the bride down to the guest list, it’s essential that you take care of everything you can.

Because, no matter what happens, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime event for your daughter. So, make sure you’re ready for it all. And, if you need any help along the way, don’t forget, we have many articles to help you with at home and destination wedding plans! We’re here to help make your day perfect!