When it comes to social etiquette, black tie events require the most formal dress code and have the fanciest ambiance. Spanish weddings are usually black-tie events so learning the rules as a guest or the couple organizing is necessary.


What Does It Really Mean to Throw a Black-Tie Wedding

 In general, planning a black-tie wedding is a sign that you will likely be hosting a more formal, traditional ceremony and reception.

Black tie weddings are usually elegant, sophisticated, and classy elements. For the guest, this means sticking to a strict formal dress code. Ladies have to wear long formal ball gowns, not very revealing cocktail dresses or dressy jumpsuits. And the guys should consider sophisticated and classy tuxedo ensembles, or at least fitting dinner jackets, bow ties, tailcoats, cummerbunds, and nice shoes.

A black-tie wedding inspires glamour, chic, luxury, and sophistication. As such, every element of your wedding should reflect these qualities. To help you figure things out, here are the basic steps to planning a black-tie wedding.


1.The Scene

Black tie means everything, from your invitation cards to the venue of your reception, should set a regal atmosphere for your wedding. It is your day to feel like royalty, so you might as well act like it.

Plan a solemn civil or religious ceremony with an organ or harp-playing while you walk down the aisle. For your reception, consider a ballroom with a high ceiling and ornate fixtures. To get every detail right, think of hiring a wedding planner that specializes in high-end weddings.


2.The Decor

For your black-tie decor, do not be scared to go big. The goal here is to create a scene that screams grandeur, romance, luxury, and style. Invest in luscious flowers, ostentatious-looking silver, and glass. Do not be scared to rearrange your venue to suit your style. You can Re-carpet the ballroom, install custom draping, and large build-outs to create the ultra-formal environment you want.


3.The Dress Code

As mentioned above, a black-tie wedding will require you and your guest to dress formally. But all your guests might not understand this therefore, you should openly state your expectations either on the wedding invites or on your wedding website.


4.The Menu

Your dining menu should reflect the level of sophistication of your guests’ attire. Plan a seated dinner multicourse dinner. Have your caterer come up with a fancy menu with upscale dishes and luxurious drinks to treat your guest to an elegant dinner.


5.The Quality of Service

Black tie weddings include high-end services such as valet parking, wait staff in tails and gloves, red carpet entrance, professional photographers, and a string or live band for entertainment. For a touch of extravagance, you can get photographers to act as paparazzi as your guests arrive. After which, you can have a solemn announcement of the newlyweds.


Once you nail all the fundamentals you will be able to materialize the wedding of your dream. For more inspiration you can turn to red carpet awards, galas and other glamorous celebrity events on tv. Or better still, hire a wedding planner specialized in formal and traditional weddings.

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