The big day is almost here, huh? A wedding officiant is one of the many factors you have to take care of when you are getting married. The wedding officiants have a bunch of questions to ask the couple.

What does a Ceremony Officiant Require from the Couple Before They Marry Us

So, if you are unaware of the process, let us help you get an idea and prepare you beforehand.


When, where, and who are we talking about? 

For a couple, this may be one of the most obvious wedding officiant questions. The objective of ‘when’ is to check if the officiant is available on the date and time of their wedding and to see how far in advance the wedding is. The aim of ‘where’ is to obtain a basic notion of the wedding’s formality, assess how much travel time the officiant will need to get to the location, and see if they have ever worked there before. The responses assist them in determining whether or not this is a wedding they will be able to attend. The ‘who’ issue arises because, in most cases, one member of the pair contacts the officiant but does not identify the other! It’s great to know how to greet the pair before the officiants officially meet with them.


What is the significance of your families in your lives? 

The officiants try to get a feel of how connected or detached the couple is from their families. It also provides them with an idea of the number of family members who will be present at the event. Family members would sometimes introduce the pair, which is a nice story to tell. And some officiants always like to mention the parents by name throughout the ceremony, so this allows them to adequately communicate the couples’ gratitude to them.


What do you want to remember about your wedding? What do you want your family and friends to remember about you? 

Usually, the officiants have a goal to create the perfect ceremony for a particular couple, so they ask a lot of questions to figure out what it will entail. Perfect means something different to each couple, and asking them to define their ideal wedding isn’t always helpful, so this is a fantastic approach to work your way backwards into the ceremony.


What have you seen that you loved or didn’t like at prior weddings? 

The highest form of flattery is imitation!

Officiants keep a close eye on what couples casually say and what makes their eyes light up. Was it classy? Fun? Participative? Traditional? These responses teach them a lot, and the better they can identify characteristics they enjoy, the better an officiant can craft the specifics to fulfil their objectives.


What brought you together? When did you realise you were in love? 

One of the most crucial wedding officiant questions for couples is probably one you’ve already answered: “How did you meet?” 

The way a couple met and later fell in love, as well as how they recount their stories, often provides an officiant a place to start presenting their storey and also leads to the theme of their wedding ceremony. Who was in charge of the first date? Who was the first to fall in love? Is the first date’s location important? Is this a relationship that thrives on surprise and adventure, or one that prioritises spending time with each other at home? All of these questions help to achieve the perfect start to the ceremony.


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