Destination weddings are exciting both for the couple looking to create fond memories and their guest who will benefit from a weekend holiday to relax and have some fun.

What Are the Total Guest Counts Associated with Small, Medium, and Large Destination Weddings 

 Once you have chosen your wedding location, the next thing you should think about is how many people you should invite to celebrate with you. Now when it comes to guest count, the size of a wedding can be subjective depending on who you ask.

However, no matter how subjective guest count size is, it is necessary to have a rough estimate of the guest count associated with small, medium, and large destination weddings.

To help you figure things out, our wedding experts at Spain4weddings have come up with a guideline to help you estimate your guest count size when planning a destination wedding.


Guest Count for Each Wedding Size

For small destination weddings, the guest count generally oscillates around 50 invitees or less. A medium-size destination wedding includes anything between 75 – 150 people, while a large destination wedding will have over 150 people invited.

These numbers are not standard, and small, medium, and large may mean different things to you. If you come from a large family where an intimate gathering you are up to a hundred, therefore our definition of a medium-sized wedding could be a small wedding for you.

When planning destination weddings, most wedding planners follow the 85% attendance rule of thumb. So, factor in all of this with your wedding planner before you settle for a number.


How to Know Which Size Will Suit You Best

With destination weddings, even though the couple is not responsible for travel costs, the main factor that affects the size of your guest list is your budget. Your budget determines the size of the venue you can realistically afford, the quality of the vendors you will be able to hire for the food, decor, and entertainment.

You might need to plan for some outdoor activities for your guests or at least host a welcome party and morning-after brunch to seal the weekend. All these expenses will weigh in on the number of people you will be able to host.

If you are looking out to cut down costs to have a higher number of guests at your wedding, consider leaving out some decorative elements, finding some free local activities you and your guest could do.

To make the trip less of a hassle for them and encourage them to show up on that day, you might want to search for group rates and cheap deals for them and make them available on your website. List things like room blocks at discount rates at a hotel, group transportation rates for flights, rentals, or shuttles once on site. 


At the end of the day, the most important thing when choosing your wedding count size is to remain realistic and plan within your means. At spain4weddings, we have a dedicated team of experts who will find just the right venue to accommodate all your guests no matter the size. Start planning your wedding in Spain today.

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