Welcome To a Journey Filled With Unforgettable Moments

Insights from our CEO

I am José Levy, the director and founder of First and foremost, congratulations! It’s fantastic news that you’ve decided to take this step. I’m sure you’re about to embark on a journey filled with unforgettable moments.

Welcome To a Journey Filled With Unforgettable Moments

Welcome To a Journey Filled With Unforgettable Moments

Having been through the same experience myself, I truly understand where you’re coming from. Since 2003, we’ve been specializing in wedding planning, assisting over 800 couples of nearly all nationalities in creating their dream day. I am dedicated to bringing my knowledge and expertise to your service.


What’s your wedding style?

Refined, exquisite, lively, detail-oriented, formal, magnificent, elegant, informal, beautiful, unforgettable, emotional, unique… You know what? Your wedding can encompass all of these descriptors and more, all within a single celebration.

I understand the industry, but more importantly, I understand your needs as a couple. I wholeheartedly believe in the motto, “If we’re all unique, why do so many weddings seem the same?” With that in mind, I am committed to offering you original proposals that are tailored to you. The ultimate testament to my work will be hearing your guests congratulate you on your wedding day: “- How did you come up with this?… It was fantastic. We’ll always remember how much fun we had at your wedding. Thank you!”

To make that happen, we provide several options so each couple can choose the level of assistance they desire and the budget they’re comfortable with. We also offer the reverse approach – couples can tell us their budget, and we’ll craft a custom proposal that fits their needs.

Our flexibility and the range of choices we offer ensure that every couple can enjoy not only THEIR wedding day but also the preceding months, which can often be quite stressful without professional guidance. We offer the option to accompany you from the very first step, ensuring you always have professional support and advice.


Close your eyes and envision your wedding

Allow me to ask a favor: close your eyes and envision your wedding. Then, open them and jot down what each of you has dreamed of. In a quiet moment, perhaps with a bottle of wine (or your beverage of choice), discuss the wedding you’d like. Write down the feedback and contributions from both sides. That’s your wedding.

Our job is to provide you with proposals that align with your dreams. Part of our responsibility is to save you time, money, and disagreements! We make suggestions, and you make choices. All you need to do is dream – it’s as simple as that!

Your needs drive us. What do you require? To pinpoint the venue? Coordination on your big day? A unique design for the entire celebration? Decor? Personalized wedding invitations? Entertainment for the guests’ arrival? Live music during the cocktail hour? A ceremony that reflects your personality? Menu consultation? Floral arrangements? Creative desserts? A DJ who gets even grandma dancing? An unforgettable spectacle? Amusing accessories for the attendees? Haven’t found your dress yet? Assistance with accommodations, transfers, and guest reservations?

All of that is relatively straightforward. Let’s go beyond that and make your day an unparalleled experience for everyone. Relax. If you’re reading this, the worst is already behind you! Now, it’s your time to enjoy.

Once again… Congratulations!


José Levy






Welcome To a Journey Filled With Unforgettable Moments

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