Destination weddings are always very memorable.

You get to travel and have a great experience in a different town, city or country and where else to go to if not Madrid.

Wedding traditions to incorporate into your destination wedding in Madrid

Madrid which is Spain’s capital city is the beating heart of the country.

As the saying goes “when you are in Rome, do what the Roman’s do.” The same could be said for Spain.

We will be sharing with you some wedding traditions which you would want to incorporate into your destination wedding in Madrid.


1. Get the dress code right

You would want to get the dress code right for your destination wedding in Madrid.

The bride puts on a white dress which traditionally symbolizes purity and virginity which the bride gives to her darling husband.

These white wedding gowns are usually made using materials such as tulle, taffeta, and organza chiffon.

The bride also does some embroidery on a shirt which the groom wears during the wedding.


2. Choose the floral arrangements

Floral arrangements are a huge decision for brides.

Though many brides like choosing white flowers for their weddings, Spanish brides tend to go with the traditional flower used for a ceremony of this caliber: orange blossoms.

This special flower makes the newlyweds happy and bring them fulfilment.


3. Grand entrance or bridal escort

The next wedding tradition you may consider is the grand entrance or bridal escort.

Spanish weddings typically don’t have groomsmen, best man, bridesmaids or maid of honor.

They usually have padrinos which is usually the mother of the groom and the father of the bride.

The groom’s mother escorts him down the aisle before the bride arrives and makes her spectacular entrance.

The bride’s father then accompanies the bride and stands next to her during the ritual so too does the groom’s mother.

Their presence there is an indication of a strong bond which binds both Spanish families together.

4. The groom’s gift

A unique custom of weddings in Spain, Madrid inclusive, is the gift from the groom to his bride.

The groom gives the bride 13 Arras or gold coins in a decorated box.

A priest blesses these 13 coins and they are a representative of Jesus and his 12 apostles.

These coins act as a symbol of the groom’s commitment to his bride and his promise to provide for his bride financially.


5. The wedding rings

As many people know, the bride and the groom always exchange wedding rings on their wedding day with the rings being worn on the left hand.

In Spain, however, this is not the case as the wedding rings are worn by the couples on the right hand.

An interesting tradition, isn’t it?


6. Wedding cerimonies

In a Spanish wedding, a total of about 200 to 300 guests are expected.

In Spain, wedding ceremonies are usually held in the early evenings. These celebrations may even go on till the early hours of the following day.

The couples are wrapped with a rosary after they exchange their wedding vows.

It is usually known as ‘Lasso’ and it is seen as a mark protection for the couple.


When travelling abroad for your destination wedding in Madrid, you could incorporate the above mentioned wedding traditions to give your wedding that Spanish feel.





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