Hindsight is 20/20. Unfortunately, this idea applies to weddings as well. Here is a breakdown of a few things that couples regret about the way they planned their wedding ceremony.

Dana Rebecca Designs published a study of over 2,000 couples who had been married in or after 2010. The study, To Do It Again, asked couples to identify what aspects of their wedding celebrations they would have done differently.

Let’s begin by stating that 90% of the couples interviewed said that the good outweighed the bad on their wedding day.

However, 76% of couples said that there were certain things that they would have done differently in regards to the ceremony.

Here is a picture from the study demonstrating couples most common spending regrets.


couples most common spending regrets.


A large majority of couples said they would have spent less on the dress and more on the wedding photographer.

Wedding experts at the Huffington Post and a recent wedding study of newlywed couples conducted by Zola found that the majority of couples interviewed wished they had spent more money on one thing on their wedding day: the videographer.

Huff Post stated that, “35 percent of couples admit that if they could do one thing over again, they’d go back and hire someone to film their wedding day.”

Having a video of the wedding ceremony can help keep the memories alive and capture the more personal moments of the ceremony.


Real Life Wedding Advice:


José Levy is a wedding professional with over 20 years of experience in the wedding industry in Barcelona, Spain. He has been part of over 600 weddings and held his own destination wedding in Argentina. We asked him a few questions in regards to his own wedding ceremony.

José Levy

Q: What do you think makes a successful wedding?

A: There are not perfect weddings but weddings that will be unforgettable for the couple and their guests & relatives coming especially to celebrate. A successful wedding is a wedding where the couples have enjoyed every single moment. From the organisation, the planing, the meetings with the wedding planner & the vendors, the selection of the vendors + the payments (yes, you have to think that when you pay a service you are one step closer to make your big day real), the trip, the menu tasting (of course), … So you both need to be patient and share your opinions, work together, add your ideas instead of criticizing your couple´s dreams, again be patient 🙂 and chose together.

One thing he would change about his wedding ceremony?

A: Nothing. Even the things that didn’t work as I thought would work made our ceremony unique. Our guests enjoyed as well as we did. We shared laughs and tears. I would recommend to focus on the content of the wedding. Of course the floral decoration, the venue, the view, the live music and so are very important although do you remember the color of the decoration 2 years later or do you remember if you enjoyed it or got emotional? That’s the idea. Sharing personal information & your love for each other that day will be stored in everybody´s memory.


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