Wedding Habits

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We have the (unfortunate) habit of thinking that nothing is more important than the bride’s dress at a wedding.

Wedding Habits

Now, don’t get me wrong—I’m not trying to downplay its significance. It’s indeed important. Many brides have been dreaming of that dress since childhood, or at least for many years. And it’s true that it’s not usually cheap, involving several fittings, nerves, and stress, especially on the bride’s part, until it’s ready to be worn on the wedding day.


Enjoy every shopping trip in search of that perfect dress

I apologize, but I can’t let this opportunity pass without making a plea to stressed-out brides over a piece of fabric. Yes, I said “a piece of fabric.” One that has taken 9 months to be ready, worse than childbirth; that has cost 3000 Euros, 5000 Euros, 9000 Euros or more, for a single use; that’s a brand, handmade by the most fashionable and internationally renowned designer—okay, but it’s still a piece of fabric.

Please, if you’re going to center your life around it for a whole year (or more) leading up to the wedding, at least ENJOY it. Yes, that’s what you need to do—enjoy every shopping trip in search of that perfect dress, celebrate when you’ve chosen it, and even celebrate when it’s not the chosen one. Bring along your friends, family, acquaintances, professionals—everyone except the groom, unless you don’t mind him seeing the dress before the big day.

In today’s world, each couple must decide whether they want to honor all, some, or just a few traditions when it comes to their wedding. Enjoy stepping into a store, admire everything they have to show you, envision how each dress and accessory would look on you, imagine which shoes would match…

Yes, I know, then you’ll have to go shopping for the perfect footwear to go with the dress. Relax, take it step by step. Enjoy leaving the store. Have a coffee with your companions. Yes, you should treat them. It’s no big deal. Compared to what you’re spending on the dress, it’s just a small expense. And if your companions enjoy the moment with you, they’ll always find time to accompany you and help you choose. Involve them, motivate them, charm them. It’s not their duty to accompany you. Even your mother isn’t obligated. Make her feel comfortable. Seek her approval. She’s your mother, and she’ll be thrilled if you involve her in your decisions. The same goes for other family members and companions.


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