Maid of honor is the right-hand women of every bride, which makes her among the most special persons of the ceremony.  A maid of honor, whether she’s your sister or best friend, plays a huge role in your life and your wedding planning.

6 Special Ways to Help your Maid of Honor Stand Out. Photo by Marc Prades
Photo by Marc Prades

From handling your panicking sessions to dealing with the contractors on your behalf, she is the one who continuously stays by your side. So, it is necessary to make her standout and feel special with a little effort to thank her for her consistent support.


Here are some tricks and techniques to do so:

1.     Unique and Different Dress and Hairstyle

A unique dress is important for the maid of honor to make her look different than the other bridesmaids. There is no need to design a dress with entirely new color and design. You can stick to the theme color and can add a little style to either the sleeves or the neckline of the dress to make it different. Similarly, have your maid of honor style her hair different from the rest of the bridesmaids. If the other bridesmaids are letting their hair open, your maid of honor can tie them up in a nice high bun to look unique.

2.     Special Jewelry

Jewelry and embellishments are necessary for women to stand out in a wedding ceremony. Unique and bold statement necklaces or earrings can be used to make your maid of honor feel special on your big day. Embellishments can also be used on the dress. One way to make her style unique is to add embellished laces or belts to the main dress worn by all the bridesmaids. You can also accessorize her hair with a matching headpiece or tiara.

3.     Unique Bouquet

A unique friend calls for a unique bouquet. The bouquet of the maid of honor should be made different in color and style from the other bridesmaids. A better approach is to make her bouquet with her favorite flowers. Another fun way to make her bouquet special, even with the same set of flowers, is to add a ribbon to it.

4.     Special Place at the Head Table

Just like the chairs of bride and groom, which are highly decorated and are placed at the head table, the maid of honor chair should also be placed alongside the bride’s chair. The decoration theme of the best man and the maid of honor should be matching to add a special symmetry to the head table.

5.     Makeup

Makeup plays primary role in the styling of every woman attending the wedding. The bride must be thoughtful while selecting the theme of makeup for her bridesmaids and maid of honor. A good option is to go for light makeup and natural lipsticks for the bridesmaids and a bold lip color for the maid of honor.

6.     Shoes

Shoes are often not given much hype, but the truth is that they leave a strong impact on others regarding the style and choice of a person. Let your maid of honor choose a different color and style. If the bridesmaids have selected a nude color, a shimmery golden color for the maid of honor can spice things up.




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