Wedding invitations are among the many items that are planned and budgeted ahead of time to avoid the hustle as the wedding day approaches.

5 THings you should know before mailing your wedding invitation. Photo by Doble Mirada
Photo by Doble Mirada

Many people spend considerable time and money working on their wedding stationery and design of their invitation. However, some people skip some minor mailing details that may ruin their beautifully constructed invitations.

Following are some of the tips that are often not considered important but are extremely necessary to save your day.



There is no need to add an RSVP card/section in the invitation cards as there is no RSVP system in the wedding invitation in Spain. The bride and groom must be ready to get calls from the invited guests regarding the confirmation of their arrival.

In some countries, a meal choice is also provided along with the RSVP card to know the meals preferred by the guests. However, both the RSVP and meal choice cards are not needed, so the couple shouldn’t worry about it. This norm might have a drawback that not all the guests have the same choices when it comes to food.

2. Placing tissue paper

Most of the couples spend a considerable chunk of money for the stationery so that the wedding invitations turn out to be unique and amazing. However, a little ink smudge can ruin the entire look of the invitation card. Therefore, it’s a wise approach to place a tissue paper between the layers to avoid smudges. Moreover, it shows the guests that you have put your devotion to even the small things related to your wedding.

3. Card shape

That’s an important part if the couple is trying to stay inside a pre-planned budget. Shape of the invitation might cost a few more dollars in the form of postage. Therefore, the couple must not go for a square-shaped wedding invitation card. Regular sized and rectangular shaped cards may look as good as the square ones if designed properly.

4. Proper adhesion

Cards are written and decorated for the guests to see and appreciate the choice of the couple. However, this effort goes in vain when the invitation card open up before it gets delivered to its destination. So, to avoid such an unfortunate situation, use proper adhesives or stickers to secure your cards. You can also hide the glued section with beautiful stickers to add a little extra something to the decoration. However, don’t rely on such stickers alone as they aren’t made to be strong enough to hold papers for too long.

5. Post office vs Mailbox

Both methods can surely be used to send out invitations; however, taking the cards to the post office for posting is less risky than posting it through mailbox in terms of damage to the envelope. And while you are at the post office, never forget to ask for manual sorting of the cards. In machine-sorting, the envelope may get damaged during the process. It’s better to put some effort and be on the safer side than to ruin the look of your wedding invitation.




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