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A group of young music professionals with lots of experience in entertainment for different types of event. This group project offers music of high quality with a close relationship with the client and music that’s totally personalised to the tastes and interests of the client. Other groups are dedicated to doing concerts and who occasionally perform for events, whereas they concentrate exclusively on the entertainment sector and in particular weddings.

Proposal of repertoire for religious ceremony with mass. The proposal consists of a selection of “conventional” songs, which are customary in the vast majority of weddings.
For communion and signatures, we reccomend that 2 or 3 songs be chosen. All the songs available are listed on the Spotify list. We do not offer the aperitif with only one musician due to previous issues with this request.

What's included

Two Musicians during the ceremony and appetizer. Proposal of repertoire for religious ceremony with mass. The proposal is a selection of “traditional wedding” songs, which are used in the vast majority of weddings. 2 or 3 songs should be chosen for communion and bride and groom signatures.
  • Groom’s Entrance
  • Bride’s Entrance
  • Rings BSO The Mission, Ennio Morricon Arioso, Bach
  • Blessing Ave Maria,Scubert Ave Maria, Gounod
  • Communion (2-3 songs) Ave Verum Mozart Panis Angelicus Franck Lascia ch’io piangia Haendel Signatures and Photos (2-3 songs) Can not help falling in Love Elvis Presley Memory A. Ll. Weber BSO Life is Bella Nicola Piovani
  • Departure Mendelssohn Bridal March Wagner Wedding MarchThe Arrival of Queen Sheba Haendel BSO Gladiator (Now we are free)

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