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We offer an authentic and traditional Indian menu that includes a variety of dishes, from appetizers to main courses and desserts, with a wide range of options that cater to the needs of the bride and groom, and their guests, providing exceptional service throughout the wedding day.

Exotic flavours, incredible textures and aromas that will awaken all your senses. A truly traditional Indian cuisine caterer that takes you from Barcelona to the immense South Asian country on an unforgettable and surprising gastronomic journey. The fusion of aromas, colours and textures will create an explosion of flavours on your palate.

What's included​

  • Exceptional quality of food: we use fresh ingredients and traditional Indian spices and flavours sourced locally when possible.
  • Wide range of menu options: a variety of dishes, including vegetarian, non-vegetarian and gluten free options, to cater to different dietary requirements and preferences.
  • Professional service: professional and courteous service, ensuring that guests are served promptly and with a smile. We are punctual and attentive to the needs of the wedding, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.
  • Attention to detail: we pay close attention to the details, including food presentation, table settings, and decor, to ensure that everything is perfect.
  • Flexibility and customization: we can accommodate any special requests or changes to the menu.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable: we have extensive experience catering Indian weddings and have knowledge about the traditions and customs of Indian cuisine.
  • We provide delicious, high-quality food, exceptional service and attention, all while accommodating the specific needs and preferences of our clients and their guests.

Here we have listed a few ideas for the Wedding or the Indian menu:

  • Vegetarian
    • Paneer tikka
    • Chilli Paneer
    • Hara Bhara Kebab
    • Spring Rolls
  • Chicken
    • Chilli Chicken
    • Chicken 65
    • Kebab
  • Pav bhaji
  • Bhel puri
  • Dahi Puri
  • Samosa Chaat
  • Sweet potato chaat
  • Dhokla
  • Vegetarian:
    • Dal Makahani
    • Shahi Paneer
    • Butter paneer
    • Kadhai paneer
    • Malai Kofta
    • Dum aloo
    • Navratan curry
  • Non-vegetarian:
    • Butter chicken
    • Black pepper chicken
    • Shrimp curry
  • Rice: Vegetable Pulao OR Peas Pulao OR Zafrani Pulao
  • Curd: Boondi Raita OR Cucumber Raita
  • Breads: Butter Naan OR Garlic Naan, Paratha
  • Dessert: Gulab Jamun, Kheer, Halwa OR Ice cream
  • Salad: Basic salad with cucumber/beetroot/pickes etc.

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