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Nestled in the idyllic rustic countryside, just under an hour from Barcelona, lies a 17th-century estate that serves as the perfect setting for your dream destination wedding. This historic property, covering 300 hectares of rolling woodlands, golden wheat fields, lush vineyards, and bountiful olive groves, exudes an air of enchantment and tranquility.


The estate’s historical charm has been lovingly preserved through meticulous restoration, featuring natural colors and the use of sustainable materials like rustic stone, aged wood, and timeless ironwork. The result is a harmonious blend of modern architecture breathing new life into the timeless walls of this extraordinary venue. Its functional and minimalist design flawlessly complements the treasured traditions rooted within the estate.


This picturesque venue offers an expansive and versatile canvas where personalization and elegance take center stage. It is the perfect destination for couples seeking a truly unique and tailor-made wedding experience.


The estate is a sanctuary where you can discover a variety of botanical wonders thriving beside the river and beneath the protective embrace of the nearby mountains. A historic mill, dating back to 1755, stands as a testament to the rich heritage of the property. Under the shade of ancient trees, you’ll experience a sensory journey through aromatic gardens, providing a serene and balsamic atmosphere.


Imagine your guests mingling on the porch overlooking the enchanting forest and lush vineyards. This welcoming space is ideal for relaxed outdoor appetizers amidst the fragrant Mediterranean underbrush. During the summer months, the porch transforms into an oasis of coolness and serenity. The vineyards offer a unique and ever-changing chromatic landscape, each season and time of day lending its own vibrant palette.


The estate’s majestic entrance seamlessly connects the threshing floor to the garden via an interior passage. Here, the original wooden beam ceiling, beautifully restored, stretches above, forming a stunning glass arcade that offers panoramic views of the wine cellar, sprawling vineyards, and the captivating woodlands beyond. On the upper level, at the same elevation as the garden, an inviting chill-out area beckons.


Inspired by the architectural style of Catalan farmhouses, the indoor hall embodies an airy, open layout, characterized by natural stone interiors, an abundance of natural light, and carefully restored decorative elements that exude warmth and exclusivity. The hall excels in acoustic quality, and it is fully equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual systems, heating, and air conditioning. This indoor space serves as the perfect contingency plan for uncooperative weather, ensuring that your wedding plans are never disrupted. The venue is designed to host events all year round.


One of the venue’s highlights is its modular glass windows and the prominent porch, creating a dynamic and adaptable space for any wedding vision and scenario. Your guests will enjoy the warmth and comfort of an inviting setting, framed by the imposing façade of the estate on one side and the charming wine cellar on the other. It’s a cozy and picturesque environment, ideal for large outdoor banquets, where historic stone walls blend harmoniously with the surrounding woodlands and mountains.


Discover your dream destination wedding at this rustic haven, where cherished traditions meet contemporary luxury.


Your destination wedding at this rustic dream venue awaits. Contact Spain4Weddings, and let’s begin planning your unique celebration that captures the essence of timeless romance and natural beauty.


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