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Weddings are not all about the décor and the venue. They are events centered on feelings and emotions. The moments in your wedding shape the beginning of your life not only as a couple but as a family. These are the moments that bring us together with our loved ones. The music on your wedding day will be the soundtrack to the rest of your life, the songs played will forever evoke those precious memories from your special day.

Evoéh is not your average cheesy & worn out “Cover Band”, they are a wedding and events band that will have you and your guests entertained from beginning to end. Evoéh has a wealth of experience providing quality entertainment for a variety of different events.

They are a band dedicated to the creation, interpretation and dissemination of popular Spanish music and classical Spanish culture, founded by Ariana Barrabés (voice) and Jesús Olivares (guitar). In their third album, Cantadme Galanica: the majestic sound of the voice of the Sephardic woman was inspired by the Judeo-Spanish melodies of an ancient Spanish oral tradition, which spread throughout the Mediterranean. The galanica represents all of the women who have worked to keep these beautiful singing traditions alive by transmitting the songs generation after generation.

Evoéh works so that each one of their melodies sounds unique and each melody evokes different emotions for the listeners. All of their music is inspired by the beauty and traditions of the Mediterranean culture.

As a duo, they combine singing with Spanish guitar, lute, percussion and bow psaltery.

This duo also plays a mix of Mediterranean style music and jazz, which brings together voice, guitar, flute, double bass, piano, keyboards, drums, tambourine, bow psaltery and karkavas. Each of these melodies sounds with a slightly different air, all mixed with jazzy structures and elements.


Ethnic and Sephardic air (Judeo-Spanish) includes: 2 artists, voice / tambourine / psaltery + guitarist / lute in Catalonia. Price: 780 Euros in Barcelona and 50 kms around

For extra musician: + 325 Euros in Barcelona and 50 kms around (includes the set up and percussion, piano, strings).

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