One of things at the top of your wedding list is of course the venue…I mean if you’re bringing all your friends and family over to Spain you’re going to a need a spectacular venue worthy of not only the journey but of the wedding of your dreams too! Here at we think we’ve found a beautiful location ready to take on the task of being your wedding venue…

At a wedding you’re always going to need wine, lots and lots of wine…So why not have your wedding guests drinking the best wine in a beautiful vineyard with stunning views? It’s almost like getting three in one!

This stunning vineyard at Avgvtvs Celler could host your perfect Spanish wedding. This wedding venue is surrounded by beautiful Spanish nature and it’s a very tranquil setting perfect for a classy wedding where you and your new spouse can take a walk around breathing in the fresh air and admiring the beautiful views. For your guests as well this venue is easy to get to and before the newlyweds arrive they too can enjoy the stunning sights and amazing countryside that surrounds it. You’ll never lose the beauty of the vineyard as the room where your wedding will be held has windows going all the way round so from wherever you’re sitting you can enjoy the views before the starters come out. This is what they said about their vineyard as a wedding venue and their wine.

We produce our wines and vinegars from high quality grapes, including the grapes for the vinegar from very old vines, more than 35 years old, obtaining the best quality for the wine and consequently also for the vinegar. As well as being bittersweet vinegars, they are totally natural with long periods of ageing between 2 and up to 29 years. The company was founded in 1990 but they started preparing the first vinegar, FLAVIVS, long before this date.

Our winery is the perfect venue for your wedding because of its location and its friendly staff that’ll keep everything under control. The vineyard`s function room “ENTREVIÑAS” “Amongst the vines” is unique, you can almost take a branch by simply stretching out your arm. We have different “rustic” places that are surrounded by nature available for the ceremony…making it to the taste of the client. We offer views of the local village which are very romantic at night…the sea to one side and the mountain by the other, you will be surrounded by tranquillity.

They even were kind enough to tell us this sweet story about a Japanese visitor who just had to come back for a second time…

At least 13 or 14 years ago we had a visit from a Japanese man who had signed up to do a little wine tasting with the owner and his niece (the senior wine expert) something that took quite a while as he didn’t understand Spanish, Catalan or even English. After the long wine tasting Mr Wataru felt a strong energy and he asked to stay for a couple of days on the farm…so that he could embrace this “energy” with which the other two helped him. On the third day of his stay Joan Roca the owner popped into the winery to see if Mr Wataru needed anything and he was met by a big surprise…a few of the barrels that he set out had been painted…something that horrified Joan (the paint had penetrated the wood and mixed with the wine, making it undrinkable!) and he asked Mr Wataru to leave…   

During a beautiful morning 4 years later, having “almost” forgotten the incident, he saw 3 people near the then only existing country house, they were 3 Asian men and as they got closer he saw that one was their previous visitor…MR WATARU!

After a bit of an uncomfortable start for both…it turns out that the 2 people who accompanied Mr Wataru were importers of gourmet products to Asia…contracted by Wataru to restore his reputation.

Thanks to these and various other “blunders”, today we are one of the 3 best producers of vinegars in the world! We are stocked in the majority of high end restaurants and of restaurants with 1, 2 or 3 Michelin stars, amongst many others that are keen to have the best products…So why not have them at your wedding?

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All photo credits go to Avgvtvs Celler, the winery looks gorgeous and it’s made the team quite thirsty!

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