Having been asked for being a maid of honor is an exciting and flattering moment in a girl’s life. While it can be intimidating to have a central position in a wedding ceremony, there are a ton of responsibilities which are expected from the maid of honor.

The ultimate maid of honor checklist. Photo by Miguel Muniesa
Photo by Miguel Muniesa

This ultimate maid of honor checklist will help the new maid of honors to go through each and every responsibility they have before till big day.

6 Months before the Wedding

  • Calling or sending a card to the new couple for their wedding. This could be done as soon as the news of engagement breaks out.
  • Coordinate with the bride about the upcoming events related to the wedding. Assist her with coming up with a guest list.
  • Keep the bridesmaid updated about all the wedding events and their responsibilities.
  • Assist the bride-to-be in her dress shopping and make appointments with the hair dresser and make-up artist on her behalf.
  • Coordinate with the bridesmaids to help pick up bridesmaid dresses. This also includes choosing their shoes and jewelry.

3 Months before the Wedding

  • Start the preparations for the bridal shower. Pre plan the theme, venue, and decoration.
  • In case of a destination wedding, renew our passport, as well as the passports of the other bridesmaids.
  • Gather the friends of the bride and plan a bachelorette party for the bride.
  • Outsource some wedding related tasks to the other bridesmaids to avoid being overwhelmed.

1 Month before the Wedding

  • Assist the bride with any alterations that are needed by the wedding dress. Support her through all the process.
  • Host the bridal shower by paying upfront for everything. However, the maid of honor should ask for a chip-in by the other bridesmaids later on.
  • Assist the bride and groom with the wedding planning and give them some time off the stress. Be the best support system for the couple.
  • Contact all the vendors and receive updates from them time to time.
  • Prepare the maid of honor speech

Wedding Day

  • Assist the bride with the getting-ready chores. Try to make this process a fun session for the bride.
  • Taking photos during the getting-ready session is also important. Click some snaps while the bride’s getting married and handle her social media for a while (if she permits).
  • Prepare an emergency kit consisting of bobby pins, tape, tampons, band aids, and aspirin. These things often come handy during the weddings.
  • Be the much-needed support for the bride and relax her throughout the day.
  • Help the bride and groom to communicate things before they meet at the altar.
  • When the couple is exchanging rings, hold the bride’s bouquet for her.
  • Pose for the pictures with the bride and the other bridesmaids.
  • Keep the things in order and check things like catering, food, music, and photography if they are going well or not.
  • Deliver your maid of honor speech.
  • Keep an eye for any unforeseen issues in the wedding and try to sort them out as quickly as possible.
  • Assist the guests with directions before and after the ceremony.




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