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Salva Lluch
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Planning a destination wedding can come with a large amount of stress. Between arranging the foreign wedding vendors, buying tickets and dealing with questions from family and friends there is not much time to think about all of the details of the wedding. It is understandable that family members, especially parents and in-laws, will want to be part of the celebration.


So how can you include your parents and in-laws in your wedding ceremony without giving up too much control of your wedding?

Here are a few ideas from the experts.

1. Invite them to help with the readings or make a toast.  

Wedding experts at Huff Post suggests, “inviting loved ones to offer readings and blessings. The officiant can read poems, readings and blessings you select, but it is always nice to ask a loved one or two to participate.” They can give a speech either at the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony or the reception.


2. Give them a special project.

Whether it’s deciding on the wedding day food menu, the bridal shower or the music giving parents/in-laws a project can help take the stress off of you and make them feel like an important part of the wedding celebration. Experts at Brides said that giving parents a project can be a great way to include them in the wedding.


One bride, Jaimie, commented, “For our escort cards, my husband and I collected postcards from places that were meaningful to us and to our guests. I wrote the names and tables on the “address” part of each postcard, and we asked family and friends to leave us messages on them in lieu of a guest book. Since my mother-in-law loves hunting for antique and vintage objects, she was the perfect person to help us collect old postcards.”

If you have crafty parents or in-laws you can always ask them to help you with some DIY crafts for the wedding! This will save you time, money and allow them to feel more involved in the wedding. The craft can also make for a wonderful keepsake as well.

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