When planning a destination wedding, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of choice out there. Here are some top tips to start the planning of your Destination Wedding and to start making your dream wedding abroad a reality.


First of all, how to choose a destination…

There are four main things which you need to consider when choosing where to hold your destination wedding.

– Weather:

Make sure it’s not the hurricane season, or monsoon season (Spain, incidentally has neither, hooray!)


– Dates:

Make sure it’s not a school holiday, this can make the cost of flights astronomical. You can check here to see UK School Holiday Dates. In the Mediterranean August can be a difficult month in which to hold a wedding. Not only can it be unbearably hot but also many businesses close for the entire month!

Hot Sun

– Language:

Do you mind sending your guests to a country where the locals might not speak English, which may make their travel arrangements a bit more tricky if they’re not too intrepid? Being in a non-English speaking country could make organising the whole wedding difficult also, unless you have a handy service available such Spain4weddings.com, of course, who can help out with all the details.


– Travel convenience:

Will your guests just need to take a direct flight? Or would it realistically be trains, planes and automobiles?

planes train automobiles


Visit the location beforehand; a great excuse for a holiday but more importantly, just imagine showing up to your dream venue and being met by a building site next to it, or a pig farm?! I love the venues available in Ibiza and the Spanish Peninsula for the sheer variety available and the fact that they offer both luxurious and affordable accommodations for every budget.

Building site


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