Everyone always says that you have to have extra cash for some last-minute expenses at every organized event.  No matter how much you try to remain faithful to your budget it is always safer to budget for unexpected wedding expenses, which you wouldn’t usually take into consideration and any hidden cost that might appear at the worst of times. 

Top Eight Unexpected Wedding Expenses you should prepare for before Your Big Day. Photo by Oller del Mas
Photo by Oller del Mas

To make things easier for you, here are a list of 8 things to watch out for:

  1. The Wedding Attire: The fact that your dream dress was gotten from your dream store doesn’t mean that you may not need one or two alterations at the last minute, keep a few extra bucks for any unexpected rip or adjustment.
  2. Unexpected Guests: This is one of the major expenses that creep up on the wedding day: not enough food or souvenir for those uninvited wedding guests. As upsetting and rude as it maybe it should be anticipated and well planned for, except you decide to have your wedding in Spain.
  3. Lighting: A few well-placed lights at your wedding might seem unnecessary, but whether it is an indoor or outdoor event it is best to prepare a backup power source or generator to avoid sitting in the dark with no music.
  4. Videography: Most couples decide a week or two to their wedding that they want the event video-graphed and often run into a frenzy sourcing money for it. Even though it seems unimportant, budget for it along with your photography.
  5. Bachelorette Party: Planning a bachelorette can cost a ton and though the bridesmaids are supposed to pick the tab, you may end up paying for a few things to alleviate the cost for your friends.
  6. Hotel Room: Most couples prefer or are expected to dress for their big day from home and while this may seem like a beautiful idea, you should budget some money for any late minute decision to use a hotel room later on.
  7. Forgotten Items: On your big day, it is very likely to forget one or two things back at the hotel or at your house, so you have to consider estimating an advisable amount to cover for them.
  8. Post Wedding Expenses: Your budget shouldn’t just include expenses for the wedding alone. It should also include plans for after the wedding. Your budget can include expenses for guests especially if you had a destination wedding and the location is unfamiliar to them, expenses for thank you cards if you decide to send some, expenses for cleaning, repairs etc.. Even if you are sure you wouldn’t incur this expenses it is an additional expense to think about.

     Even if you plan for all this and others that are not listed here and something still goes wrong or is forgotten , the important thing you should not forget is that all these situations will make up your wedding memory, even as you manage it, enjoy your wedding and create a beautiful memory. Don’t forget that if you prepare ahead of time for the unexpected, you won’t need to look for extra cash at the last minute. 




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