Before planning a destination wedding, it is important to be realistic and plan a wedding budget before anything else.

Tips for planning an awesome destination wedding on a budget. Photo by Poble Espanyol.
Photo by Poble Espanyol.

Following are some of the important tips that will assist couples with planning their destination wedding on a budget.

1. Convincing the Contacts

It is important to be pleasant with the appointed contact.  A good and polite behavior might help in getting a discount on the menu or drinks bar.

2. Fee policies

Before signing up for a wedding package, it is important to review the off-site vendor’s fee policy. Most of the resorts recommend vendors, which have lower fee structures than the others. Off-site photographers, decorators, and makeup artists charge for additional vendor fee as well along with the service fee. Therefore, it is better to utilize the services of preferred vendors of the resorts.

3. Using Seasonal Flowers

As flowers are usually the most expensive part of a wedding, it is important to go for seasonal flowers to save some cost on decoration, keeping in mind that transportation and assembly charges are also included in decoration besides flowers. 

4. Selecting Autumn & Winters

Getting married out of a high season is the best way to save money and yet have an awesome wedding. A cost reduction of around 1000 Euros can be achieved by choosing the months from November to April.

5. Hiring an Affordable Wedding Venue

Hiring castles and five star hotels can be expensive. A better option is to hire a villa, where the guests could be accommodated as well. It should be kept in mind that a wedding planner is also necessary for giving a heads up on the factors like caterings costs and noise restrictions of the selected villa. Moreover, a wedding planner knows the details of the destination country and the difference in costs between different venues and catering services, which is a plus point for the couple looking for an on-budget wedding.

6. Choosing Vendors from Local Markets

The most important thing regarding an on-budget destination wedding is to focus on local vendors and venues. This strategy can be applied on hair dressers and make-up artists as well. You shouldn’t get a makeup trail beforehand, as it will only result into additional cost. Instead, you should research and pick up a salon with the best reviews from town. Furthermore, the makeup services must be utilized on salon (costing around 120 Euros) instead of getting home services from the artists (costing around 450 Euros).

7. Affordable Music Options

Music is also an essential element in weddings to ensure that all the guests are getting entertained. The costs of DJ start from 500 Euros and prices become higher depending on the fame of songs. There is another option to hire a small Flamenco group which usually costs around 450 to 600 Euros.

8. Bride and Groom’s Ride

The Bride and Groom’s ride also incurs a huge cost on the budget depending on the type of car or ride used. In Spain, an average luxury car, such as Mercedes E-Class, costs around 250 to 450 Euros. The prices involve a 4 hour ride within the city. So even if you have wanted to have a luxury car ride, you must not let the time exceed more than 4 hours in order to save money.

These tips will ensure that your dream wedding will come true in an affordable price and without any unforeseen budgeting incidents.




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