Destination weddings are on the rise! A recent study published by Brides found that of all weddings, 17% are destination weddings (a steady increase from 16% in 2014).

Not only are couples deciding to get married abroad but they are planning their weddings in different ways as well.

The BRIDES American Wedding Study 2016 reported that social media is the number-one way brides-to-be are connecting with wedding brands and products during planning, with 82% doing so versus 75% in 2014. The study found that Pinterest remains the most popular social-media platform, with 72% using it to find inspiration and/or help planning their wedding, up from 67% in 2014.

All of the new wedding inspiration available has made for some pretty spectacular events; however, it has also given rise to wedding trends that can be disastrous.

Here are three destination wedding trends that might be better left on Pinterest than in real life.


1. Releasing birds at the wedding ceremony

While the pictures can turn out beautiful the hassle of transport and the possibility of bird feces winding up on some of the guests can make this trend turnout disastrous.


2. Drone pictures of the ceremony

According to the experts at Refinery29 drone footage of a wedding ceremony can be a beautiful but dangerous tradition. While the pictures are beautiful the legalities of using drones is still not well defined. There’s a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rule that says unmanned aircraft aren’t to be used for commercial purposes — like wedding photography. The laws differ depending on where the wedding is held but it is always a good idea to do your research before snapping the pictures.


3. Eccentric wedding photos

Many popular new types of wedding photography have been emerging over the past few years. While most of the photo ideas, including the wedding party carrying the bride at the reception or photos of the bride getting ready, are wonderful additions to the traditional wedding photos but some can prove to be dangerous.

According to Oddee there have been more than a few wedding incidents involving dangerous photography. The article accounts of one wedding fail where wedding couple Hoffman and Marli van der Walt along with 80 guests were dumped into a muddy lake as a wooden deck on which they were standing collapsed. Guests plunged into the water- including the bride’s wheelchair-bound mother, 88-year-old grandmother and a baby. No one was severely injured in the case but it serves as a good example to double check the logistics of a photo before trying it.


Here is a photo taken from the Oddee website of the incident



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