When you think about having a wedding in Spain, different images might spring to mind; dusty, old churches in sun-baked squares, a guitar serenade on a sandy beach or a wild, flamenco inspired party.

Any of these could be a fantastic way to celebrate your big day, but how about dreaming up something a little different that will really wow your friends and family when they come away for your destination wedding.

Here are my top five ideas for inspirational wedding settings in Catalonia which might convince you that this part of the Spain has it all.

Why Catalonia?

Located in the North-east of Spain, bordering France and Andorra, Catalonia is unique in that it offers a vast array of variety in its natural landscape. Flanked by the Mediterranean, topped with the mountain range of the Pyrenees and being home to a fascinating cultural history, here’s 5 reasons why Catalonia could be the perfect place for you to tie the knot for your dream destination wedding.

1 Mountain-tops of Catalonia

Because this part of the world is blessed with such wonderful weather, why not get out into nature and take advantage of it! If you don’t mind taking your hiking boots with you for the walk, you could be rewarded with some of the most spectacular views of the whole region. Check out the best mountains in the region, with a spectacular back drop for photos included in the price!

montserrat Dramatic


The tallest mountain range in Catalonia, with scenic spots throughout. You could have your wedding photos in the clouds!


Siurana, Tarragona

Looking down onto a serene lake, this mountain location is rustic and stunning.

2 Cosmopolitan City Wedding

Catalonia is home to Barcelona, Europe’s largest Metropolitan city on the Mediterranean coast. It is home to stunning Architecture, a great nightlife and a deep cultural heritage. Check out some of these magnificent city landmarks where you could host your big day.

Santa MAria del Mar

Santa Maria del Mar, Barcelona.

This stunning church was built in 1329 and is much loved by locals and tourists alike. Personally, I love it’s grandeur and stark simplicity of design. No curly cherubs or sad religious paintings here, it’s all about the architecture; beautiful.
Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo, Barcelona

Housing hardly any straight lines in its interior, this fantastical example of Gaudi’s Modernist style is a landmark of the city. You could be the envy of Passeig de Gracia (the equivalent of Knightsbridge in London) and hold your wedding here. Jealous!

Girona Flower Festival

Medieval Girona, During the flower Festival

Girona is a city to the North-East of Barcelona which has a wonderful medieval centre.  For 8 days every May the city gets festooned in flowers. Shops, schools and local folk come together to create “sculptures”, installations and sometimes even carpets of flowers. Imagine having your wedding surrounded by a city of flowers, in Spain in the Springtime! Exquisite!

3 Farm/ Finca

Lots of people choose to get married in a Finca or Farmhouse in Spain, that’s what we did for our wedding. These are privately owned properties which people choose to rent out. One of the bonuses of these is that they sometimes also offer accommodation on site, so all of your guests have somewhere close to go after dancing the night away. Another tip to remember is that they can be a very reasonably priced venue option. Here are my top picks:

El Paratge, Catalunya

El Paratge, Vilanova de Valles, Catalunya

Masia almirall de la font hotel, Sant Pere de ribes

Masia Almiral de la Font

4 An ancient Castle

Catalonia has a deep cultural history. It borders with nearby France and Andorra and has in the past been occupied by the Moors (from ancient Arabic countries) and the French. All of this action led to over 600 castles being built in Catalunya which are still standing today. Get swept away with your fairy tale and get married in one of them!


Castell de Miravet

Castillo de Tamarit

Castillo de Tamarit

5 Beaches

Catalonia boasts some of the most spectacular beaches that can be found in Europe. Here are some of my favourite, ranging from the wild, rugged terrain of the Costa Brava (meaning the wild coast) to the tranquil, sandy beaches typical of the Mediterranean coast.

Cala Montjoi

Cala Montjoi, A cove located in the Natural Park of Cap de Creus, Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is wild, windswept landscape bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. These are undoubtedly the most unspoilt beaches in Catalonia and although the beaches are rarely sandy, this means that the water is crystal clear!

Cala Fonda beach, Tarragona, Spain

Playa Waikiki, Tarragona

Not the original in Hawaii, but a beautiful alternative on this side of the pond!

Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava

Flanked by a castle and Fort, this beach could be a wonderful setting for a wedding.

So there you have my top 5 picks for an original wedding destination here in Catalunya. Now all you need to do is choose your favourite! Happy dreaming!

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