While planning your wedding, there are certain things that are good to know and others that you need to know. These are some wedding rules that both the bride and groom, along with their families, should keep in mind.

The Wedding Rule Book. Photo by Finca Mas Solers
Photo by Finca Mas Solers

While there are plenty of old-school rules that do not apply to today’s weddings, there are some guidelines you must stick to no matter what.  Without further ado, let’s dive into them!

  1. Do not invite someone to a pre-wedding party if you have no plans to call them on your wedding. Inviting someone for the shower and forgetting them on D-Day is a big no. It can lead to serious hurt feelings.
  2. Try to include the name of your guest’s plus one if you know their name. It makes them feel truly welcome.
  3. Get your wedding license before your wedding day. It is essential to check the laws in your state before doing that. The window is relatively small so make sure not to get the same too early either.
  4. Investigate wedding blackout dates as it is important to know ahead of time if your wedding day falls on the same day as a trade conference, charity walk, or any other local event that can affect traffic and hotel room availability.
  5. Always send a thank you card to anyone who bring you a gift. No ifs and buts. A thoughtful handwritten note is a sweet gesture.
  6. Being a guest at the wedding, arrive in time. It is common courtesy.
  7. Steer clear of white as it is reserved for the bride. Of course, there are brides who won’t mind if guests are wearing white but there are also brides who want to be the only one dressed in white. It is the bride’s one and only day to stand out. So it is better to play safe and any other color but white and ivory.
  8. Turn off the sound of your phone as it can be really disturbing. Some couples might be okay with smartphone photos but make sure to turn off the flash sound.
  9. Do not get too drunk as you surely do not want to create a scene at someone else’s wedding. Know your limits and be sure that you can reach home safely at the end of the event. It is one of the most sensitive wedding rules that everyone should follow.
  10. Dress appropriately at the wedding. Most weddings have a dress code that the couple will include on some part of their wedding invitation but if not, feel free to ask them or check the couple’s wedding website to see if it is clarified there. Then, make sure to dress appropriately.
  11. Lastly, have fun at the wedding. It is the best wedding tip which says eat your heart out, click loads of pictures, meet people, and bless the couple. Make sure to take a look around at all that is happening around you, and cherish every moment.




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