Many people think that the only duty of the maid of honor is to give a speech at the bride’s wedding or hold her gown. There is much more to being a maid of honor (MOH). Though the duties of the MOH are seldom discussed, there is so much more to the position of maid of honor.

The Ultimate Maid of Honor Checklist. Photo by Andreu Doz Photography
Photo by Andreu Doz Photography

They have many tasks that they handle to ensure the event takes place seamlessly. Being the maid of honor entails being willing to take on tasks that help ease the bride’s stress, nervousness, anger, or any inconveniences that may arise during the event. The tasks of the MOH are dynamic. There are several things you will need to put in place to ensure the wedding day is unique. That is the one job you have to do. Therefore, it would be best if you came up with the ultimate checklist to ensure that everything is in place. This article will serve as a guide to creating this checklist.



The bride needs more than just words of wisdom to calm her fears and nerves. Preparing her a cup of coffee in the morning before the day kickstarts is a great idea.

Bottled water

With the numerous activities of the day, the bride needs to stay hydrated. Have some bottled water with you. She may need it during the wedding ceremony or the post-wedding celebration.


Phone chargers

Our mobile phones have become very important to our daily life as we can access almost everything on it. They may run out of power at any time even at the moment we need to use them urgently. Taking your mobile phone charger is very important.

Have extras

You can carry along some makeup items or an entire makeup kit. The bride needs to glow at all times. She may mistakenly have her makeup wiped off, therefore, having some extra at the event will be an excellent idea.

Tissue paper

It is most likely and almost apparent that people will cry at the event. Be it the bride, the bride’s mom or dad, or anyone else, having some tissue paper readily available saves the moment.

Tampons, scissors, first aid

At the ceremony, anything can happen, prepare for uncertainties so that when they happen you won’t be completely frustrated. Tampons will be available to save anyone whose period surprises them. Have some basic first aid like bandages, adhesive plasters to prepare for uncertain emergencies. You do not want anything to spoil your best friends day

Have some mint

Sometimes, at such events, it’s inevitable to be anxious. When they get anxious, they tend to take note of the smallest details, such as the bride having a bad breath. The MOH needs to have some mint ready to remedy this situation. Bad breath is not entirely avoidable.


Even if you have memorized it, it is still essential to have a copy or two of your MOH speech. The bride has placed all her trust in you. Go along with your speech and keep memorizing it to ensure it is perfect.  

So much is expected of a MOH; therefore, you need to make sure you have everything is adequately planned. Remember to stay calm so that you can also help the bride stay calm during nervous, moments.




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