Wedding days aren’t just for the brides and grooms to be. It is a day during which you as the guests come together to celebrate a lovely union. This is a couple you have been rooting for right from the start. Finally, you get to witness them tie the knot. To make sure your friends/family enjoy their special day, there are several things you need to consider. Wedding gift-giving is one of such things.

The ultimate guide to wedding day gift giving. Photo by Paco Bravo
Photo by Paco Bravo

You have no idea what the couple needs or if your gift will be of any value to them. You can’t blame yourself because you are not in their heads. Nevertheless, there are certain etiquettes you need to follow in order to make this exercise a success. In this article, we are going to provide you with the ultimate guide to wedding day gift-giving.

A lot of people get confused about the whole gift-giving process. They don’t know what to give the couple, when to give or how much they should spend on the gift. The purpose of this write up is to answer all of these questions


1. Gift Ideas

Before buying the couple a gift, you need to think about what they need as a couple. What will they take to their new home? What will they use frequently? These questions will guide through the whole gift buying process. You need to consider stuff such as kitchen appliances, furniture, home appliances, baby stuff, beddings, etc. Think out of the box. Ask yourself this question; If I was the bride/groom, what will I need? In some cases, the couple will provide a wedding registry. From this registry, you can purchase what you see fit for the newlyweds.


2. Gift Price

We will advise you to purchase what you can afford. That notwithstanding, you need to make sacrifices if you genuinely want to make the couple happy. There is something you should know about the value of the gifts. The couple will evaluate what you give them. It’s human nature. Nobody will tell you this; those closer to the bride or groom should come along with more expensive gifts. Friends and family have a different price range for gifts. You need to think of what the couple is worth and act accordingly.


3. When Should you Bring/Send the Gifts?

There is the common misconception that you have to bring the gift on the wedding day. If you can avoid bringing your gift on the wedding day, please do that. It might be stressful because of the bustling nature of the day. We advise you to bring your gift during the three-month grace period before and after the wedding day proper. This way, you get a chance to meet the couple and congratulate them in person.


4. The Cash Gift Dilemma

Most couples need financial assistance because they spent a lot to organize the event. Some guests feel that the best form of gifts is a cash gift. There is nothing wrong with that. However, if you choose to give a cash gift, you need to do it right. Cheques are allowed in this scenario. If you can’t give the couple a check, then you should present the liquid cash either in a box or customized envelope.


The above paragraphs vividly explain wedding gift-giving. Following these rules will ensure the smooth transition of this process. The last and most essential part of gift-giving is appreciation. The newlyweds should craft a thank you note and send to all the donors. It is preferable you use personalized notes because they look and sound more genuine.





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