1. You are importing too many services from your home country

Photo by Don Ostra y Miss Caviar

One of the biggest mistakes couples make when planning a destination wedding is trying to bring the entire wedding with them from their home country. The cost of transportation can add up quickly- no matter if you are flying across Europe or across the world- it is always better to try and hire local wedding suppliers. This is especially true for florists, photographers and catering. Take advantage of the local cuisine and let your guests experience something new!


2. You have no enlisted the help of a local wedding expert

Marc Prades
Photo by Marc Prades

[ctt template=”6″ link=”U3c57″ via=”yes” ]“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.”- Shunryu Suzuki[/ctt]

You can spend hours searching through different foreign wedding vendor options with your local wedding planner only to end up contacting each vendor to find they do not fit what you are looking for OR you can tell a local wedding planner exactly what you want in your destination wedding and have them lay out the best options that are guaranteed to fit your needs. A local wedding planner is an expert in his or her market. Decide where you want to get married and then hire a wedding planner from that area.


3. You are opting in for all the ‘extras’

Rita Experience
Photo by Rita Experience

You want your destination wedding to be perfect. We can understand that. However, it is important to keep in mind that each “upgrade” or “extra service” you opt for when booking the wedding will add up quickly. There are always a million options to upgrade your wedding package, whether it’s nicer table linens, extra floral decor or fancier chair covers. What may seem like a huge improvement to the wedding ceremony can end up being an unnecessary cost at the end. We recommend sitting down as a couple before booking any of the wedding vendors and deciding what is worth the extra dough and what you can both live without. It is also important to take into consideration where your ceremony will be held. For example, a beautiful white sandy beach wedding will not suffer without the extra floral decor but a wedding in a rustic barn might need a little extra glam.


Top Tip: A great way to save money on your destination wedding is to consider DIY crafts for part of the wedding decor. DIY can also be a fun way to incorporate some of the local culture in your wedding abroad.

Take a look at this DIY Spanish destination wedding video!