In a country full of many natural and exotic wedding locations and wedding services, it is hard to figure out the best wedding packages of the entire country. 

The Top Five Wedding Packages in Spain. Photo_Ibiza


However, here is a list of the top 5 wedding packages in Spain that will help you to choose the best suited package for your dream wedding. 


1.     Wedding in Malaga

The beautiful location of Malaga is available all year long. This is a perfect place for you if you love mountains and the calmness of nature. The mesmerizing view along with the amazing country house is all you need for your dream wedding to come true. You won’t have to worry about anything as this beautiful destination venue takes care of every aspect of your wedding for you. The wedding package in Malaga includes:

  • Live music and DJ
  • Photography and videography
  • Transportation
  • Decoration
  • Tableware and Chains (including linen)
  • Drinks and canapés
  • Open bar available for 4 hours


2.     Barcelona Beachfront Wedding

Catalonia is the perfect location for you to celebrate your love with your partner in front of the majestic and beautiful Mediterranean Sea. You will surely cherish the memories of this idyllic and serene place years after your big day. The package is quite extensive and includes the following:

  • Wedding menu
  • Beach ceremony
  • DJ and live music
  • Photography (photo booth) and videography
  • 3-hour open bar
  • Parking
  • Accommodation


3.     Ibiza

This is another beautiful and mesmerizing wedding venue for people in love with beaches. If you happen to be a foodie, don’t miss out on this venue as you will find extremely delicious and exotic foods for you and your guests. The sunset here is a delight to see and will make your event even more memorable. The wedding package here includes:

  • Lighting
  • Professional photography
  • Delicious sweets
  • Drinks (water, champagne, and red, white or rose wine)
  • Wedding planner services
  • Extensive Ibizan main course
  • Music and sound (DJ and midnight party)
  • An extensive range of appetizers
  • Floral arrangement
  • Wedding cake and venue decoration


4.     Catalonia Resort

If you want a luxurious experience for your big day, go for the stunningly amazing Alt Emporda that is famous for its historical importance and natural beauty. The castle, casino, and wine spa will give you a royal wedding experience. The best thing about this venue is that you can avail any kind of services you want. These exclusive options of accommodation and personalized wedding in Catalonia must not be missed out.


5.     Barcelona












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