Every bride always has more than one option regarding the place where she will get ready. A bride could get ready in a salon, her home, or the hotel/suite she is staying in, depending on her budget, mood, and the requirements of the day.

The pros and cons of getting ready in the wedding suite. Photo by Jordi Tudela
Photo by Jordi Tudela

Getting ready in a hotel suite has many perks; however, there are certain disadvantages of getting ready in a wedding suite as well. These pros and cons are listed in the following sections.


  • Wedding suites are often quite spacious and roomy, which make it easier for the bride and the bridesmaids to get ready on time. However, it should be made sure that more than one bathroom are available for all the ladies getting ready there.
  • Wedding suites are usually onsite of the venue where the wedding takes place. Hence, a lot of time could be saved if the bride gets ready on the suite instead of going to the salon to get her makeup and hair done. This will also add the transportation costs to the budget.
  • By getting ready in the suite instead of a salon, you will have an advantage of getting better photos because of the natural lights and beautiful backdrops. The photos of getting-ready sessions are in-trend nowadays, and brides usually take a lot of photos while getting ready to post them in their social media. The trick is to select the room which has the best lighting, in order to get the most beautiful photographs.


  • Wedding suite is meant for the couple to stay after they get married to each other. Getting ready in a suite means that the couple will return back to a messy room. The bride should assign this task to one of the bridesmaid to ask the hotel staff for the clean-up. However, it is still a challenge to clean up the personal items like extra jewelry and other precious items as there is always a threat of things getting stolen in the wedding ceremonies.
  • As explained earlier, wedding suites are especially meant for the couple. Spending all the day there to get ready with other ladies simply makes the room less special for the couple. Moreover, the decorated suite might get ruined by all the getting-ready procedure.
  • Getting ready at a salon is easier due to the presence of professional makeup artists and hair stylists. When you get ready at the suite, the lack of experience and coordination might come in the way of time management. Although this situation can be tackled by hiring the makeup artists; however, the home services from makeup artists in Spain cost way more than the services provided at the salon.
  • More furniture and mirrors are required when the bride and her bridesmaids get ready at the suite. In the salons, however, the pre-bookings can save the bride and the bridesmaid from the stress of getting ready on time. Most of the salons designate more of their employee artists to the groups that have pre-booked them for a wedding ceremony.

So, while there are some advantages of skipping the salon for getting the hair and makeup done, it puts a lot of stress on the newly wed bride and her friends regarding space of the suite and time management. The bride must go through these details before selecting the place she’s going to get ready at.




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