Planning a destination wedding in Spain? Well, you’re looking at the perfect partner you could ask for to help you with your wedding preparations!

The most amazing wedding venue in Catalonia

Let us first start by telling you what a fantastic decision you’ve made. You’re going to have the wedding of your dreams, and we’re here to ensure that. Catalonia is a great choice, as it is one of the most popular destinations for couples, thanks to the pleasant environment, numerous wedding sites, and lovely inland towns, as well as the coasts, beaches, and spectacular mountains.


Let us paint a picture for you of few of the most stunning places in Catalonia for your dream wedding!


Have you ever imagined what it’s like to get married in a century old classic venue?

Can you imagine marrying in a former flour mill?

Imagine finding yourself a beautiful place from a century ago set in the heart of nature. We are imagining a beautiful place with translucent spaces with an Anglo-Saxon type collection and Empordà Estil furniture with a huge tree-lined garden, beautiful, isn’t it? Imagine yourself walking down the aisle in the lush greenery, you look beautiful!

At Spain For Weddings, we can help you choose your dream location. 


An Old-Age Space Has Its Own Magic

What if we tell you, we can help you find a farmhouse from many centuries ago?

We can’t help but think how beautiful a location it will be for any and every type of wedding. Catalonia has the most beautiful spaces with such scenic views that you will find yourself lovestruck. A place that is set in the lap of soothing water bodies, calming your nerves when you are walking down the aisle, isn’t this the kind of place you would imagine getting married in? Also, wedding and a mini vacay, how great is that?


Fancy A Wedding At The Beach?

We constantly think of new places for our beautiful brides to get married in and the one type of location that always holds our breath is a beachside wedding!

Imagine yourself in that gorgeous bridal gown, walking down the aisle underneath the beautiful white and peach roses, or the beautiful mood dandelions infused in chandeliers! Wow. You surely will make heads turn. A location situated directly on the beach with a terrace with a swimming pool, imagine the perfect party that we can host on your behalf there. Glam with a touch of nature, how perfect!


Countryside For The Win

A lot of our beautiful brides prefer the city to the countryside, and we cannot help but feel amazing about this choice.

Countryside means many beautifully built ancient houses in the heart of nature, ideal for intimate and small weddings. Imagine silk walls, wooden furniture, and works of art, as well as impressive chandeliers, making your wedding location look like it is straight out of a magical land. We can’t wait to watch you walking down the aisle in your beautiful wedding gown in our perfectly planned day filled with character where every corner speaks elegance and bliss! How romantic!


Didn’t we tell you that you won’t be able to choose just one?

At Spain for Weddings, we help you pick the perfect location as per your vision and preferences. So, call us right now and tell us what you want, and we will lead you right to your dream wedding destination in Spain! 


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