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Your Best Friend Is Saying I Do- What That Means For You.

There are many duties to consider when you are chosen as your friends MOH, especially when the wedding is a destination wedding. So what are the most important duties for a destination wedding MOH?

Here are the top three things to keep in mind.


1. You Are The Brides Right Hand (Wo)Man.

The role of the MOH is more about supporting the bride than anything else. You are there to share some of the stress and to hopefully help the bride enjoy her wedding planning process. On the big day you will help run the show as far as bridesmaids and wedding preparations. One of the most important things to do when you find out you are the MOH in a wedding is to sit down and have a one on one chat with the bride to come up with a list of your expected duties, this way everyone starts out on the same page.  


2. Planning The Bridal Shower.

The bridal shower is one of the most important duties of the MOH. This is a small party organized by the MOH for the bride. Family and friends are invited to eat, play games and bring presents for the bride. As the maid of honor you will have to organize the party. A fun idea is to coordinate the bridal shower with the destination of the wedding. You can have a beach themed shower if the couple is going to be married on the beach and serve themed drinks and play beach games.

Rent a photo booth for the shower and have guests stick their photos into a keepsake book for the bride.


The experts at Wedding Wire estimate that planning the bridal shower is one of the most time consuming duties for the maid of honor. In regards to planning the party they stated, “From picking a venue to choosing décor, sending invitations to ordering food, planning a bridal shower can be a big job, so don’t be afraid to delegate some of the responsibility to the rest of the bridal party.”

Moral of the story? Don’t be scared to delegate a few MOH duties to your fellow bridesmaids.


3. Be The Leader Of The Pack (Bridesmaids)

As the MOH you are the unofficial- official head of the wedding party. Of course the bride is the leader of the group, but usually the bride has a million things on her plate and the duties of the bridesmaids fall onto the MOH to direct. You want to help the bride by being the main point of contact for the bridesmaids. Organize the group, set the dress fittings, deal with any issues or complaints that arise and keep everyone updated on the wedding festivities.


Wedding expert Davia Montaya with the Bridal Guide stresses that being the “go-to gal for the bridesmaids” is one of the most important duties as the MOH. In regards to the MOH duties she commented in a recent article, “Take control of helping everyone plan their hair appointments and making sure that everyone has the proper shoes, jackets, nail polish color, etc. The bride will be beyond grateful to have someone else managing all of these small details. Some of my favorite maids of honor that I’ve worked with have been those who manage all of the correspondence between the bride and bridal party regarding the wedding timeline, pre-wedding parties and general responsibilities.”


What we recommend?

Hopefully you have read our other blog post on the pros of having a tech savvy destination wedding to get an idea of both sides of the argument.

Our wedding experts recommend a mixture of tech savvy and old fashioned for your ceremony. Maybe have the actual ceremony be a phone free zone to ensure there are no distractions or bad photos taken. Then after the actual wedding ceremony you can encourage guests to snap away and use your wedding hashtag! This way everyone gets a chance to take a picture with the couple and your wedding photographer can do their job in the best manner possible at your wedding ceremony.


What is your plan for technology at your wedding? Comment with your ideas or questions below.

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