Congratulations on your decision to tie the knot! It is a beautiful decision that should be accompanied by a lovely engagement party. An engagement party is a near-perfect way to celebrate love, life, and happiness.                                                  


It is an avenue to formally tell your loved ones that you have decided to tie the knot. Additionally, it gives you a fun opportunity to introduce your families and friends who may have never crossed paths before the day of the engagement party. As excited as you are for an engagement party, we are certain you have a thousand questions.

In this article, we will discuss the luxurious etiquette of engagement parties.


1.Who Hosts an Engagement Party?  

In times past, the family of the bride-to-be took charge of hosting the engagement party. However, times have changed and so have the rules. Close friends or family members may host it on behalf of the couple. The happy couple is free to host their engagement party if that is what they want. Regardless of who is hosting the engagement party, the goal is to share smiles and warm the hearts of the couple and the invitees.


2.Who Should Attend an Engagement Party?

This is a huge one. Whoever you invite to your engagement party automatically expects a wedding invitation. To avoid any hard feelings, collaborate with your partner to carefully draft your engagement party list. Ideally, it is better to host an engagement party with a few guests so that you can invite more people to the wedding.


3.Choose the Dress Code

Figuring out the dress code is an important aspect of an engagement party. If you will like to have a small, casual engagement party with close-knit family and friends in your living room, then tell your guests to dress casually. If however, you have planned an elaborate 5-star engagement party, fit to host the royal family, then tell them to look like Beyoncé.


4.Pick a Date

The best time to have an engagement party is about two months from the proposal and a few months to the wedding. It’s the period when you’re still basking in the excitement of the engagement but not yet thinking of the details of your wedding. 


5.Gifts or No Gifts? 

Expecting your guest to express their good wishes in the form of gifts is an absolute no-no. If possible, clearly state in the invitations that you prefer their presence over gifts. However, do well to thank anyone who insists on bringing you a gift.


6.Who Does What?

Set clear boundaries on who plays what role during the engagement party. For example, assign who to make the formal and subsequent toasts and who will do the introduction between unfamiliar guests.


Don’t put yourself or your guests under so much pressure to impress. Remember you don’t need to break the bank for a lovely engagement party. Make the most of the beginning of a beautiful future with the one you love.


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