For every bride and groom who adores children at weddings, there is another couple who is concerned that children will cause chaos. Having children participate in your celebration can have a significant effect on the big day. As a result, before finalising the guest list, one must think about whether they want to invite them.

The Etiquette Of Having Children At Your Destination Wedding

The flower girl and ring bearer are made possible by children. Involving them often relieves parents of the burden of finding a caregiver for their children on the day of the event. You may also want to share the occasion with important children in your life, such as nieces and nephews. Toddlers, on the other hand, are notorious for throwing tantrums, teenagers may grouch around with their “too cool” attitudes, and your friends and family members may prefer a break from their younger companions. So, plenty to think about!


Here Are A Few Steps That Could Help You In The Process

1.Decide Early 

Unlike menus or music, decisions about children should be made as soon as possible to prevent uncomfortable inquiries from parents who need to make plans.


2.Is It Okay to Not Invite Children? 

Yes, especially if the wedding is held in the evening or is extremely formal. It could be more difficult to limit children during daytime or casual wedding without offending people. When the majority of the families are local, the no-kids rule works well so parents can leave their children with familiar babysitters for the whole day or drop them off during the ceremony and reception.


3.Address the envelopes correctly

Including a child’s name on the invitation is the standard way to show whether or not he or she is invited. If your card has both an outer and an inner envelope, the child’s parents’ names should be on the outer envelope, but the name should be written underneath the parents’ names on the inner envelope. And if the child is still living at home, he or she can obtain a separate invitation if he or she is over the age of 18.


4.Call The Guests With Children 

Make a call to your friends and relatives who have children after your invitation is sent, or better yet before, to explain whether or not your wedding is child-friendly.


5.Is It Okay to Invite Only Immediate Family Children?

Since people’s opinions differ, it’s best to have a clear rule and stick to it. As most children with wedding responsibilities are close relatives, such as a niece or stepchild, we suggest drawing the line at immediate family. 


6.Flower Girls And Ring Bearers?

If this rule of thumb still leaves you in a pickle, consider conventional etiquette, which restricts your options for flower girls and ring bearers to children aged three to seven years old.


At Spain for Weddings, whatever you choose, we’re with you to take care of you and give you a hassle-free and magical wedding. Children or no children, we got your back!


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