Writing online vendor reviews permits you to express your experience and letting everyone know your joy or dissatisfaction. This is the combination of power play and public service announcements. You can praise the vendor and encourage future couples to use their services. You can as well call out the less-than-stellar service and warn others of their limitations.

                              THE DO’S AND THE DON’TS OF WRITING ONLINE VENDOR REVIEWS                 


Your review, good or bad, can always have an impact and this is the idea behind writing online vendor reviews. Check out our list of dos and don’ts of writing online vendor reviews before you getting down to it. This is to make sure you share something that is honest, fair, and helpful to others.


The Do’s


1.Be Very Specific

It is always good to be direct and specific. Generalities are not really helpful. Make sure you get to the details when talking about something. For example, if you talking about the management being flexible, give an example of how flexible they are. This will give other couples an idea of the good services they might enjoy.  On the other hand, if you weren’t satisfied, be specific and point out their mistakes. Explain exactly what made you unhappy with them.


2.Be Honest

If you weren’t pleased with a particular vendor and you want to leave him/her a negative review, do so without being rude. Do not use defamatory or accusatory language on him or her. Be truthful and honest but do it with self-respect. If your grievances are presented in a calm, mature manner, they will be taken much more into consideration. Point out exactly where they failed or what went wrong. But if the service was pleasing, then be sure to mention that. Explain how they succeeded in making your wedding day a success.


The Don’ts


1.Do not wait when the wedding is over before writing your reviews

Try as much as possible to write reviews of vendors who have completed their tasks before your wedding day. Write your reviews while details are still ringing in your mind. You might lose interest post-honeymoon and keep pushing it if you intend to do multiple vendor reviews.


2.Do Not Exaggerate

Was your big day completely ruined because your caterer didn’t do exactly what you expected of him or her? Certainly not! At times, there are circumstances that are way beyond the vendor’s control. In the case of your caterer, the market surely didn’t have what you wanted him to get at that moment. On the other hand, do not overrate the service except they actually deserve it.

Sitting down after your wedding and honeymoon to write your vendors reviews can be a daunting task. This is why it’s often advised to leave your reviews each time a vendor completes his/her task.


Note: Objectivity and perspective are key when writing online vendors’ review. If you are not satisfied with what you got, try to analyze your demand and see if they were reasonable. Put yourself in their shoes and see how much time and energy they likely put into your wedding.

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