Marriage proposals are one word, beautiful! From the tension that accompanies the question to the excitement that lights up the couple’s eyes. It brings water to the eyes of onlookers and others who hear about it later.


      The Dos and Don’ts for An Unforgettable and Glamorous Marriage Proposal                                           


However, all this lovely stuff only happens when the marriage proposal is done the proper way. Here is why. Proposing to your significant other is a crucial step that can solidify your relationship or break it into smithereens. We’re certain the former is what you want and that’s why we are here to give you our expert advice in this article.



1.Choose a Good Location

You can either choose a location where you and your partner have created beautiful memories. Or a high-end place with views that make them catch their breath and give them butterflies in their tummy. Make arrangements with a wedding planner to add a touch of romance to the setting. Go the extra mile and don’t spare any expenses.


2.Have “The” Conversation

Only pop the big question only when you are certain that your partner wants to get married too. You can either initiate an honest conversation about marriage or pick up clues from other areas.  Ask their family and friends if they think your partner is ready. Watch how they react to anything related to marriage. It will guide you if it’s the right time to propose.


3.Near Perfect Timing

There’s no such thing as utter perfection. However, near perfection does the trick. Only propose when they are in the right frame of mind. Choose a time when they are relaxed, comfortable, and in the mood to make a concrete decision. If you’re out on a date, then propose early into the date. This way, you’ll both have time to bask in the pre-wedding feeling. You may even find yourselves discussing steps to planning a wedding.



1.Sound Unsure

Imagine someone offering you a lifetime professional partnership yet, they sound unsure.  It’s simply unnerving. Even if you are usually shy, this is not the right time to act that way. You’re proposing a lifelong partnership and that’s why you shouldn’t give off doubtful vibes.


2.Ruin the Memory

Professional photographs of marriage proposals are all over social media. How did the couple get them? They most likely hired a professional photographer. Asking your relative or friend with no photographic skills to capture the moment is a horrendous idea. Chances are your memories of that special moment will only be fit for a ‘50s album.


3.Be Insensitive

A public marriage proposal in the most luxurious setting will come across as inconsiderate if you have a painfully shy partner. The same applies to a private marriage proposal when your partner has always wanted a public proposal.


After all this literature, it all boils down to you and your partner’s peculiarities. Find out what will warm their hearts and create lasting memories. And then, go all out to achieve it.


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