There it is after weeks of discussing and going back and forth you’ve finally landed on a date for the big day so now you have to find someone who’s going to create an invite that looks professional and personal and not one that someone has created in 5 minutes using Microsoft Word and WordArt. You also don’t want to be searching for 100 different people to create all the wedding decorations that you could need, therefore you need a company like Mariposas de Papel.

You may not want something as extravagant as giving each guest a wooden USB stick with a PDF describing the theme of the wedding with every invite (yes that happened!!) but something just as personal and exactly how you imagined and would like them to be. Even if you have a very particular theme that is completely different to anything else ever done in the world of wedding invitations and decorations Mariposas de Papel welcomes the challenge and invites you to be as different and interesting as you want.

As well as wedding invitations Mariposas de Papel are able to create beautiful guest books, scrap books, table decorations, large decorated letters of your initials to perhaps go on the main table or any kind of decoration that you could possibly wish for or want at your wedding. They’re all completely personalised and made especially for you…one of a kind!

The creator of Mariposas de Papel and all the products is Natalia who’ll be in contact with you throughout the whole production, she is also a self-confessed lover of Spain and here’s what she said about this magical country…

I love Spain! It’s a dreamy place, a small nook in a special world, romantic, remarkable, it’s certainly worthy to be a witness to your sweet love story…an idyllic setting where the sea meets land. Where the far out horizon is lost in the vast ocean, where the smell of the sea mixes beautifully with the natural perfume of the pine trees and where the sky is lit up by a million stars that will be testimony to your wedding along with your guests.

Those beautiful words about Spain are sure to entice you to have your wedding in the Spanish sun! Now here is what she wanted you to know about her and her products…

Handmade and completely personalised decorations are what we’re about. We’ve never said “no” to anyone because we like the challenges new customers give us and they are your memories not ours so we make them unforgettable. 

Each and every one of our creations are 100% personalized and made from scratch so that they’re unique and one of a kind. Our simplicity but at the same time our professionalism allows the couples to trust our advice when it comes to making a decision.

After more than 2 years in the business we can define ourselves by our close and personal touches in each and every one of our projects. We involve the client throughout the whole production process. From your choice of the invitation design up to the colour scheme for the paper of the guest book or for the decorated letters amongst other products.

We’re proud of how in depth we go with the details the happy couples provide us with so that the final result is complete perfection for them. That is why each and every one has its very own style and personality but always with our personal touch that makes them one of a kind.

Below are a few snaps of the finished products she made for some other lucky couples…


Photo credits go to Mariposas de Papel by Natalia. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures, love from the team at Spain4Weddings.

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