Music, music, music and entertainment in Spain … where would a wedding be without music? When you think about it music is one of the key ingredients to a wedding, it’s the glue that brings the whole ceremony together. Therefore you’ve got to make sure that the music is on point and it not only entertains you but the guests too.

Evoéh is unique in a Spanish way as their music sticks closely to their country’s cultural roots, combining flamenco with popular music. As you’ve chosen to have your dream wedding in Spain why not include some traditional Spanish music that’s filled with passion, love and emotion, just like your wedding. These professional musicians will be the highlight of your wedding entertainment guaranteed!

Now you might be wondering “Evoéh that’s a strange name,” well here’s where it comes from… The word Evoéh is a ceremonial song or ritual in honour of Dionysus. It comes from the Greek, euoi, which is a cry of joy and it’s also closely related to Orpheus.

We had a word with the guys at Evoéh and this is what they said…

“Evoéh IS Spanish music. It’s a tree with lots of branches where the guitar is the tree trunk. We offer guitar concerts that add different elements every time making the group more special. Using the voice and guitar we create a flamenco vibe, classic Spanish singing, old singing, folk songs, etc. The voice can accompany percussion and the psaltery, a medieval instrument, and the guitar can become a lute, giving it ethnic and Sephardic air (Judeo-Spanish). Evoéh can also incorporate a trio of string instruments such as violin, viola, cello and also the oboe. We’re also able to interpret great pieces of classical Spanish music like the ‘Amor Brujo’ by Manuel de Falla and great guitar concertos like the ‘Aranjuez Concierto’ by Joaquin Rodrigo. As well as guitar music for those interested in Sephardic music we have a guitar duet accompanied by a singer that can also be a bigger three-piece jazz band (piano, bass and drums) giving an air of fusion between the old and the new. Lastly we can offer you dancers to accompany all the beautiful music.”

“If you want your honeymoon to begin at the ceremony then celebrate your wedding in Spain.”

“Our great versatility that we bring as a group and as soloists is our unique selling point. We can deal with special requests for different styles and songs in different languages. In fact, although the Evoéh Project focuses on Spanish music, its members work frequently in gospel, jazz, blues, pop, rock, boss nova and French songs, all to a professional level.”

“We’ve made ourselves unique by starting to improvise songs in the middle of the ceremony when a client has requested music on the spot: ‘Could the guitarist accompany my speech with some…Guns and Roses?’ DONE. We can assure you that the couples we’ve worked with have always been very grateful and satisfied with our work.”




All photo credits go to Evoéh, thank you for all the wonderful pictures. If you need any musical help or any other help with planning your dream wedding here in sunny Spain please don’t hesitate in contacting the team.