Marriage is considered by many as the perfect way to spend the rest of our lives on earth. Expectations are high, imaginations run wild and the need to impress is always at the back of everybody’s mind. 

      SIX THINGS THAT WILL HAPPEN THE FIRST YEAR OF MARRIAGE                                           


It becomes even more exciting when “perfect couples,” tell “perfect stories” of their “perfect marriages”. However, there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. There will always be fights, arguments, misunderstandings among others. In this article, you’ll get to know six things that will happen in the first year of marriage.


1. New Discoveries

The first year of marriage will make you realize a lot of changes in you and your partner. Habits that have always existed but neither of you ever took seriously during the dating stage will come knocking. Some of these habits will really get on your nerves, while others will just be perfect for your union. You’ll even have to learn new habits that will help both of you survive in marriage.


2. There Will Be Fights

Every fight you have will be terrifying. It’s even worse when those fights are caused by misunderstandings between your families. But there’s hope. Find out whether sweet notes or long talks help you solve the problem. Learn to be genuinely sorry and vocal about your thoughts. Promise yourself to not take your partner’s feelings for granted at any time.


3. Specific Schedules

Being able to know each other’s schedules and working around it is very important. Plus, it’ll make sharing of chores easier as you’ll know who can do what depending on their schedule. A joint schedule in some cases is also important as it will give you two time to bond.


4. Financial Disagreements

Talking about money is already difficult in its own right, especially with regards to debt and bills. It’ll become more technical when you have to decide on how much to spend, to save, and to invest at any given time. Having a joint account can make accountability easier. It can also put a strain on the relationship if one partner is a frivolous spender and the other is very frugal. Hence, working out the money aspect is very important in the first year of marriage.



Your decisions will depend on how they affect your relationship with your spouse. Impulsive spending, traveling without notice, and zoning out will be unacceptable. Accepting your spouse’s family and respecting your spouse will forge the spirit of togetherness.


6. Livelier Sex

The importance of sex cannot be overemphasized. “Freakier is better” will most likely become your go-to idea as you’ll want to impress your partner. You’ll also want to prove others wrong when they say sex in marriage is boring and almost non-existent.


In conclusion, no one has a perfect marriage but yours can be truly beautiful. Be tolerant and willing to compromise aspects that just can’t be changed. Let your partner know your interest in them is all round and not just limited to their Kamasutra skills. These six aforementioned things will help you make the right decisions in your first year of marriage.

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