Marriage is an amazing bond that entails a lot of commitment, trust, love, growth, amongst others. It has many upsides, downsides, and misconceptions. Our perception of marriage can be influenced by force, obligations and intense pressure. 

      SIX MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT THE FIRST YEAR OF MARRIAGE                                           


These could come from within your marriage with your spouse or from outside through family, friends, and society. Identifying these misconceptions about the first year of marriage could go a long way to manage or avoid getting hurt. Read on to learn more about these misconceptions.


1.Marriage is a Replica of The Wedding Day

It is misleading to think that marriage will be as exciting and perfect as the wedding day. The wedding day is just the celebration of a new life and a new beginning. The fun part is what you definitely will have with your friends. Marriage is a whole different package that entails commitment, intimacy, patience, vulnerability, amongst others. If you intend to have a lasting marriage, you need to understand that you will have to deal with inevitabilities. This will make the first year much more fun.


2.Hoping Unresolved Issues Will Automatically Resolve Themselves Later

Certain unresolved issues should not be carried into marriage. These issues cannot solve themselves and marriage definitely won’t be able to help. Spouses have to resolve these issues before walking down the aisle. The wedding band is not a magic pill, so open up to your spouse and rectify these issues before putting it on. This will clear the air of all doubts so you could start your new life with a clean slate.


3.Your Marriage Should not be a Job Because You are the Perfect Match

Many couples often think that being a perfect match for each other is enough to not work on their marriage. This misconception drains a lot of marriages. Marriage demands the same amount of energy and drive you put in at your job site. You have to think of ways to make it better by bringing new ideas. You are obliged to sacrifice; it will definitely be worth it. Instead of putting 50/50 each, try giving your all to make it work and you will remain happy even after the first year.


4.Boring Sexual Life

Having one sex partner for the rest of your life means that you will have a boring sex life – this is not true. Couples should explore lots of sex options to make their sex life interesting. You should tell your spouse how you like it and what you will like him/her to do to or with you. You should always rekindle that burning sensation you had at the start of the relationship. Keep the flames blazing!


5.You Will Spend All Your Free Time Together

Being married doesn’t mean you have to cut yourself off completely from the outside world. Yes, you should spend time with your spouse but also create time for your family, in-laws, and friends. Do not shut down your pre-wedding social lifestyle. For instance, you can invite your mother-in-law over to watch her favorite program. Also, you can invite your friends out for a couple of drinks. Avoid associating with married people only, as it will scare off your single friends.


6.Marriage Will Solve Issues with In-Laws

Some in-laws will always have attitudes that are not well appreciated by your spouse. If you are not ready to adhere to the kind of relationship your spouse wants you to have with their family members, discuss it with your spouse before the marriage. Intense issues resulting from this can turn your marriage sour and even lead to a divorce.


Outlined above are some of the many misconceptions a lot of couples have about the first year of marriage. Life after your wedding won’t be easy. You need to take it gently and hope for the best. Do not assume the first year will be perfect. Rid your minds of these misconceptions and enjoy life with your soulmate.

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