Figuring out how to split your wedding bill in percentages is one of the trickiest parts of wedding planning. We don’t just mean deciding on your overall wedding budget, but also on the percentages you need to divide amongst you the couple and both of your parents.

  SHOULD YOU SPLIT YOUR WEDDING BILL IN PERCENTAGE                                             


Wedding Planning

The old tradition that the parents of the bride should cover all the wedding bills is no longer a criterion for weddings. Nowadays, the family of the groom and that of the bride participate equally to organize the wedding of their children.  

During your wedding planning, it can be difficult to determine who should pay for what, especially when you and your parents are set to contribute to the total cost of your wedding. If everyone involved is capable of playing his/her own part to seeing that your wedding is a success, then that’s a big plus for you. However, this is really not the case for some couples. In situations like this, ask both parties involved how much they can contribute. By so doing, you’ll know exactly how to proceed. This will allow you to split your wedding bill in a way that will make everyone comfortable and capable. The best way to do so is to split the wedding budget in percentage. This is mostly for the reason that one family shouldn’t end up paying for the other’s guest list. To make sure this process is fiscally fair, both families need to contribute by percentage as stated by their guest list.


Your Personality and Preferences

Depending on your personality and preferences, it’s totally okay for you to choose to spend more or less in certain aspects of your wedding. So, to keep everything fair set an equal contribution for services such as photography, videography, and decoration (including flowers). For services associated with the guest list, like catering, drinks, invitations, and many others, you should base the contribution to the number of people invited. 

Splitting your wedding bill this way comes with a lot of benefits. So, YES! There’s a need to split your wedding bill in percentage. With this, both parties will feel comfortable to invite the guests they want, without feeling guilty about having more invitees than the other. 

Note that Conversations about money can be emotionally-charged. To avoid unpleasant situations or scenarios, you need to choose the right words when approaching your family or your in-laws about a by percentage contribution. For good comprehension, you should be gentle and avoid using accusatory words about the number of guests they want to invite. 


In conclusion, one of the best ways your parents can contribute to the success of your wedding is to make a percentage contribution!

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