The opening of wedding gifts is a tradition that has evolved over time. A wedding gift is expected from every wedding guest who receives an invitation. That is basic etiquette. Even though gifts are by no means the point of a wedding, they two do go hand in glove.

Should you open your wedding gifts before or after your honeymoon_Photo by Jordi Tudela
Photo by Jordi Tudela

Some guests may decide to send in their gifts before time, others on the wedding day proper or even after the wedding ceremony. Couples have that feeling of anxiety to open every gift they get after the ceremony.  They just can’t wait to see what their loved ones got for them. The couple also has to go on their honeymoon. Enjoy the first few days of married life in a quiet and romantic environment. How then do you manage the opening of wedding gifts and your honeymoon?

This article will guide you on the appropriate time to open your wedding gifts

Couples whose honeymoon is scheduled to take place a few days after the wedding may want to wait before opening their gifts.

This is most applicable to material gifts. After the wedding ceremony, you need to take a few days off to rest before going on your honeymoon. It is advisable to send thank you cards immediately you open the gifts. It is okay to send those thank you notes a few weeks after the wedding. Please do not rush this process and make your guests know their gifts were appreciated. You may even decide to send the Thank You card before opening the gifts, i.e. if the wedding gifts were labeled. However, if your honeymoon is not scheduled to take place right away, you can go ahead and open the gifts. You need to pick the most perfect and most convenient time to open your gifts. They are your gifts! Feel free to do as you please.

The duration of your honeymoon is also a factor you should consider.

Couples who schedule their honeymoon to last for weeks or months should find time to open the gift before leaving. You do not want to keep your guests waiting for their Thank You notes.

Newlyweds should consider opening monetary wedding gifts.

These monetary gifts may help them cover the costs of the honeymoon or even make the honeymoon better. While on the honey, the extra cash may allow room for the purchasing of souvenirs or even household items. Your guests will feel a lot better if you tell them their gifts spiced up your romantic getaway.

Opening wedding gifts may also help you avoid double expenditure.

Some wedding guests give gifts in the form of household items. Household items you may have thought of buying on your honeymoon. When you open these gifts before the honeymoon, you will know exactly what you need to purchase and what you already have. This will save you from double expenditure.

To conclude, wedding gifts, as we said above, are meant to be opened at your convenience. Do not rush this process, and do not wait too long.




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